Thursday, January 04, 2007


In 2006 , I........

1.went to Sabah and Labuan
...and i finally had stood on the soil of each 14 states of Malaysia at least once in my lifetime.

2.hiking and trekking up a mountain- mount Panti
...and there are rumors about Big Foot 's sightings there..hmm luckily we have guides from the army with us.

3.wore the police uniform
...and I once told my teacher in std 3 that i wanna be a i wrote it down in my friends' autograph book..and last year, during the reunion of the class, they reminded me about least i got the chance to fulfill my dream..hehe

4.did abseiling TWICE
...and I thought i had develop acrophobia(afraid of heights) after the 'confidence fall' in UTP during orientation.

5.went kayaking around Pulau Pangkor
...and it means 8 hours of rowing and I thought I will never have the strengh to finish it..the arms felt numb though..

6.get a chance of shooting the M16 and vector
...and i never thought those firearms are heavy..It look easy in the movies..hehe

7.get a feel of scuba dive
...and I thought i will never get over the bittersweet experience of snorkelling in Pulau Perhentian

8.went discovering (walk..crawl..bla..bla..) a cave-Gua Itik somewhere in Pengkalan Hulu
...and you guess it right..i've been the generous blood donor to 'pacat's the bloodsucker".. the cave probably named after its condition which is full of water..if it is raining then it is advisable not to enter it...there is even a river flows through it.

9.won a singing competition
...and I was just recovering from a very bad flu that week..thanks to the duet partner and gutarist who patiently compromise with my not so well condition..and my voice ended up sound like 'ABOT ' ( if you can still remember her) ..4 tablet of strepsils really help but mind you 4 tablets within one hour is actually overdose..hehe

10.finally had my own little office..(not a cubicle) with a view!!
...and I yee haa..talking about having the peace of mind to get the work done.. a few addition to the family and gain a bunch of friends..
...and I am totally blessed.. they may be far but they are always there for me..sometimes they broke my heart..and I broke theirs but I will always love you guys anyway..and forever..

there were more..and more things..happened in 2006..
some were worth telling..some were meant for me to treasure..
and reflect..
for 2007 is promising a new sunshine and rainbow over the cloudy sky..

WELCOME 2007!!

p/s:this post is suppose to be posted in the end of Dec but because the internet connection was so bad I postponed it.. pics will be dloaded soon

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