Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Last night
I was watching this cooking show (while waiting for dunia baru)

which the cook hv a van shaped like a toaster..
argghh..forgot the name of the show at the travel channel(channel 11 Astro)
anyway.. he made a sandwich with mushroom..honey..veggies..cheese and all..nice..
terasa lapar plak..
padahal i already ate asam laksa while lepaking with the gang kat taman warisan after office..
what to do? ..

so teringat yang bergedel( meat patties) lebihan soto weekend aritu ada banyak lagi..
i fried 5 pieces.. toast the bread..some ketchup and pepper..
wallaa..my own creation "bergedel sandwich"
sodapp jugak..

weekend arituh belajar buat soto dr ain..
especially the bergedel..takde laa susah sgt ek..hehe

p/s: urs truly budak-budak baru belajar..jangan marah..at least i want to learn what huhu

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ziggurats said...

The show is called Surreal Gourmet on Travel & Living. It's one of my favourite TV Programme. Hehehe.