Tuesday, January 16, 2007


these few days..
aku macam malas btul nak bercakap..kenapa ye..?
tapi aku bercakap jugak..nanti cam ada problem lak tetiba senyap..
tapi sebenarnya macam malas nak bercakap..
nak diam je..bleh tak?
nak senyum jer bleh tak?
tanak bagi respons bleh tak?
cam bengong lak..haha

emotionally unstable..
physical health also not in it tiptop condition..
It may because of the weather.. yo-yo..


i've tried my best to smile..
engaged in conversations..
but no matter how hard i tried..
I still felt lost..
Like I was physically there but actually i was not..
I was talking..smiling..laughing..
but the truth is.. I was not..

feel drained..exhausted..

gee..day by day..
I felt like drowning..
deep and deeper..
into the sea of mess..

the mess of my life..

yours truly need a saviour~~ :p

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