Monday, May 30, 2005


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Al-fatihah buat nenda tersayang..Tok Mat yang meninggalkan kita..
Allah lebih menyayanginya
Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Congratulations to my friends em and mira..
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Sungguh indah di malam hari
saudara membantu tak kenal letih
kedua2 pengantin putih berseri
sesuci akad mengikat kasih
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meriah sungguh hari persandingan
menepung tawar sekelian yg sudi
Merah pula menjadi pilihan
semarak cinta kekal abadi
cerita pengantin baru di blog
Mira n Em

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Exam week will start this monday..
Wish me luck!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Kenanganku II

Aku tak suka bila kena tukar sekolah..Korang suka tak?Well aku tau laa ..dapat kawan baru..rasa suasana baru..tapi sebab semua barulah buat aku tak suka..Masa tu aku memang tak suka perubahan..It makes me nervous..haha
Tapi kalau dah namanya naik sekolah menengah..memang laa kena tukar sekolah ye dak?..takkan nak selamanya sekolah rendah.In order to improve..we have to change..cewah..inilah bahana kalu dah belajar management.
anyway..My primary school is SRK ZS in my hometown (org senegeri aku mungkin tau kot) Quite a well known school.(I'll tell bout my 'kanak-kanak' years in other kenanganku entry ye) I went to NaIM for my secondary school years..the school is quite well known also back then..yeah..5 years there..although almost all my 'gang' went to other school after PMR.
I had quite a confused and gila year during form 1.First of all i didn't really know why I chose the school.I heard about the outstanding result the students had for PMR. So maybe I wanted to be one of them.Plus I would have an extra subject.Yup I took 9 subjects in PMR.Communication Arabic (B.Arab komunikasi)..the text book during my time was full of dialoques or hiwar (in arabic)..hehe

still remember one of the teachers asked us one by one in the class why we chose NAIM (1UA..hehe still remember the class..Tak silap aku cikgu BM yang tanye waktu tuh..Pn Aishah) Many said they want a good result in PMR. You know what I answered?..I said I want to get 9As as nobody else in my family at the time took 9 subjects.I think I was the first in my big family who learn arabic.Not even my parents,siblings, uncles, aunties or cousins has took the subject before.I'm not really good in my Arabic though.Don't really have the motivation to learn it until form 4.Something 'clicked' as I got my PMR result ( will tell bout it in later post).

Image hosted by with Pn Ramlah..class teacher 1UA

As I said before..I was quite 'ganas' during school year.So I was sort of had difficulties to adjust with the teachings in the school.But I was really glad I went to the school.Glad that my parents talk me into going to the school.Although I would say I am way not perfectly what the school want to produce but I did get some lessons I treasured from the school.And hope I didn't dissapoint anyone.

Monday, May 02, 2005


We are always waiting..waiting for the train..waiting for a friend..waiting in queue..waiting for food ordered to be serve..waiting..waiting..and more waiting..

What did you do while you wait??

Nowadays I read. But before this, I used to watch people. It has become a habit.I like to watch people.(Sorilah..sape2 terasa kena usha tuh..) People are unique.Each single person is different.The way they walk, dress, talk to each other, and respons when being watch.Haha

As I watch all these people, I will start to imagine the sort of life they are living.What kind of person they are.What might be their job, character and etc. Actually this is a good skill if you are writing a novel. Developing the attributes of the characters in the novel...or film..
hehe but i'm not into that.No short stories..
Dont have the time..and determination..hehe

tak mau hangat2 taik ayam..

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dear Mama ..

When I see the light, I saw your face ..
When I heard a song, I hear your voice ..
When I smelt the flowers, I remember you..
When I need a hug for comfort, I miss your touch..

Your are the love of my life..
The greatest love of all..forever

Happy mother's day..mama..