Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Missing Him

It was raining heavily this morning..
i woke up and was thinking of my dream last night..
I dunno why.. i kinda miss him..
i slept with teary eyes last night ..

Miss his grey eyes..

soft voice talking to me..
his warm smile ..
his hug when i was about to move here..
his last hug..

i still remember the day we all sat together having dinner with him..
as if we all know he's going to leave us..
i remember ,..his favourite hot Milo O must be ready for him after dinner..
chit chatting about world war II..
about the good old days..

missing my Tok Mat dearly..
maybe it was because of the coming wedding end of this week..
The time when the whole family are suppose to get together..

tidak sempat aku melihat wajahnya untuk kali terakhir..
membuatkan aku lambat menyesuaikan diri..
terasa seolah-olah dia masih di sini..

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