Thursday, January 18, 2007


Semalam balik dari ofis aku n ain pegi makan prosperity burger..
ain laa mengidam..heheh..
alang-alang aku ajak norish sekali ..
kebetulan dia dah dapat posting kat ICU di JPM..
we met syikin n bro p*nd* there.. gloomy mood was getting better..
bercerita ngan si norish..
n having prosperity yg pedas tuh..

ain 2 kali makan prosperity burger dalam satu hari tuh..
mengidam punya fasal..
norish commenting about me tak gemuk-gemuk..
I've already got used with that remarks long ago..dunno what to do ..
not that i didn't fact i hardly miss any meal in a day..
I love to eat what??...hehe

habib jewel ada promotion lagi kat alamanda..
norish usha2..cari cincin kawin katanya..
seriously ..there are so many gorgeous rings on sale.. hmm

she and ain chit chatting bout preparation for their wedding
which coincidently going to happen in the same month..
duhh now there are already three weddings in the list for that particular month..
hopefully not on the same weekend..

yours truly is happy for them..


Pirates@KSM said...

huhu.. syedap nyerrrr

Anonymous said...

hhhmmmm do u think marriage is a sacred thing these days?

do think you ppl who wants to get married must be honest to their other half?

do you really know your friends? ;-)