Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves,"
writer Edna Buchanan once said.

what a friend (may) means to a friend

his mirror..
where he sees his reflection ..

his shoulder to cry on..
whenever he is sad..

his punching bag..
when his is so piss off..

his sunshine in a rainy day..
when he lost his smile..

his partner in crime..
when he needs some fun..

his clown..
when he needs some laugh..

his big tree..
when he needs some shade..

a confidante..
when he felt unsure..

his teacher..
whom he learn about life..

who we are to a friend is up to them to write about..
they may come and go.. near or far..
they may hurt u so..hurt n cry..
but we will stick together..
we are always here..
staying true and through..
now a friend.. forever be.

*his referring to many his or her

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


pelik kan?

semakin banyak yang kita tahu..makin banyak soalan di kepala..
semakin banyak yang kita jumpa..makin kita terasa sesuatu hilang..
semakin dalam digali..semakin kosong serasa..
semakin jauh kita kembara..semakin kecil diri terasa..


kerana itu kita belajar..
kerana itu kita diajar..
bukan untuk kurang ajar..
tapi menjadi terpelajar.
satu hari mampu mengajar

pelik..tapi mungkin..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

why am i so tired??

I am not thinking straight today..
I just had a feeling..someone is mad at me ..

don't get urself under pressure..
it was just me..

me..who is always afraid of the unknown..
me..who want to control everything despite knowing i can't..

me..who always thinking about herself and hurting others..
me..who is always thinking too much that it hurts..
me..who just can't decide almost about anything..
me..who is always afraid to make a leap..
me..who is always afraid when things came easily to her..and take it for granted..
me..who always need her space..too much that it is hard for people to know her
me..who always skeptical about people that life seems so hard..
me..who let things go away ..much to her regret.. later on..
me..who can fake a smile..but will never Ever let anyone see her crying..


me.. who love my family so dearly

pama going away today for a holiday..enjoy papa n mama!!

I have so many things in mind..
I just don't need another distraction..
I'm already so huru-hara.. just faking the "cool" me

I am so tired of reading the files..
I am nervous for the pingpong game this afternoon..
I am scared.. for the exam next week..
I hv so many invitation that i didn't know which one to go..
I have been so much under pressure that make me not myself..

I feel like i'm losing "me" time..
I am tired..I am exhausted..
I am so needed a break despite just having one.. last month..

p/s: urs truly kept pushing herself.. it just that sometimes it seems that it was enough.. enough ..enough.. but she kept pushing again.. afraid that someday she will break..

Monday, June 04, 2007

is it?

I am damn sleepy today..

arrived in the office with a splendid nasi lemak in mind..but ended up having breakfast wit a simple yet sodapp karipap since we r having our dept assembly..

tought of doing my job peacefully..slow.. at my own convenient time today..
don't really have the mood but..the big boss will only be in the office in the morning ..
so rush rush rush..damn..

reading.. line by line..but i ended up reading the same line over and over again..
the sleepy head of mine.. so when can i finish analysing all the facts??duhhh...

having to create the best sentence ever..
to convince convince convince the big boss?
how?? how convincing can i be..when i didn't have all the facts i need?

i hate mondays!!