Friday, February 18, 2011

Some things have to wait

wah.. a month with no updates here.. huhu..
but many things did happen actually
and i didn't have time to actually sit still and write.

End of January Irfan was warded for 5 days. high fever and having fit (minor seizure) a couple of time. The first time was at home so we rush him to the hospital. It was such a hard time for me to see him on drip 24-7 and his blood was taken almost every day for some test. Remembering how he was crying and looked at me when the doctor try to put the needle for the drip.. aduhai berlubang-lubang anak I. susah nak masuk. I almost cried myself that I just waited outside.

After he was discharged, we went back to Kuching for almost a week. weehuu...

Then back to work till now.. Work is stressful as always but luckily I have penyejuk mata waiting at home. :D