Monday, November 27, 2006

Labuan Trip II

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waiting for the bus to the airport..sayonara labuan

Friday, November 24, 2006

Labuan Trip

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another beautiful view of the sea from the Anjung Ketam at Kg Tanjung Aru
on the other side of the island..15 minutes from the town
the crab there are freshly provided by the fisherman at the village..
the crabs was still very much alive so we can pick any crab that we want..
we took the minibus to get there..minibus no 5 from the bus station in town
doesn't really know where but simply took the risk..
thank god the driver knew bout the place..
although we didn't really know how to get back to our hotel when the bus dropped us there,
we still enjoyed the food very much..especially the crab..
they were big enough ..full of white juicy flesh..
and the masak pedas was so finger licking good.. even talking about it make me hungry..
and it was also cheap..for 2 kg of crab with rice..
and other side dishes plus the drinks for 6 person it only cost us Rm 60++


the problem.. we didn't have the transport to go back to the hotel..
The place was far from the main road so obviously no bus..
and it was already way we will walk to the main road.
asking around..we found a pakcik living near by who has a school van..
so he ended up sending us to the hotel..haha
we paid him of course ..if not we might miss the night lecture.. :D

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Monday, November 20, 2006


I was left alone ..the only officer of the unit today..
the rest went made me kelam kabut..I think i'm the only one felt kelam kabut although people didn't seems to see me kelam kabut. The staff seems to have the best time of their life..(yerlaa ..setakat aku nih.hhehe)

and know what..I need to bring up the paper for approval from the big boss..
gee... thank god that the bodyguard and PA gimme full cooperation bout the big boss whereabout..
make my job easier.....
don't really have the mood to "kejar-mengejar ..especially when you hv to do it ALONE
..and in the afternoon big boss start calling me.. suddenlly he call me azlina..haha anything boss.."azlina pun azlina lah..janji you are satisfied with paper and sign it." ...everything was done before 5.. sigh..

so now i'm just browsing around..trying to finish up the labuan story..but don't really have the mood..
so start bloghopping..and ..

I quote this from snubnosse's blog ..

"yakinkan aku tuhan, dia bukan milikku"


p/s: this snubby really have a stint in writing and story telling..

funny how time flies (when you are having fun) ...
janet jackson sang that song..which i do agree..
but i must add ..time also flies when you have so much things to do..
24 hrs seems so limited..haha..

anyway.. my time are fully occupied nowadays ..
full of activities.. including weekends..
which were full of attending open houses and kenduris
and my schedule till end of month seems well...hmm..
an open house after open house.. which i love.. especially the food..
a kenduri after kenduri.. which i enjoy as it always mean the reunion of the gang..

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open house at aimi's place

thank you for those who has invited me..or my friends ( it means i can tag along..kate open house kan..)
thank you for those who 'sudi menumpangkan aku' n drive me there..
tumpangkan laa lagi..

ok enough ..

i know ..i know..
i promise the story about the labuan trip.. wait aa..
on the way..~~


Friday, November 17, 2006

after 20 OCT

having heard the "sesuatu" ..I still had the best raya ever..
but i neglected my hphone..what i always tend do whenever i was in KB ..

back here after raya..the reality hit me..
the phone SMS alert rang..
managed to stay silent only for a day (hish..aku ni baik sgt ke apa??)
n after a few SMSes.. case closed

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di luar kudrat dan daya
bukan salah sesiapa
bukan salah aku dan dia
hanya tuhan yang maha kuasa..
untuk hamba yang diduga supaya sedar dan insaf..
kita hanya mampu berusaha..
dan redha

pic: sunrise from rennaisance hotel in KB on the last day of penempatan kampung modul DPA

p/s: this post hv been posted on the 6th.. but something went wrong ..after i republish it the date change to 17th as if i post it today.. I am suppose to update everyone bout my Labuan trip but hey..i've only arrived here last night..n most of the pics in mid's cam ( n she flew to kuching today) so i'll "story " you all bout the trip which is FUN ... lotsa FUN.. nxt week.. I need to catch up with the work chiows..!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006