Sunday, July 31, 2005

yeay!! Alhamdulillah

I received the letter i've been waiting yesterday..
the offer letter for appointment as pegawai tadbir & diplomatik
I've made it after undergone several screenings..
a) written test .. 2 times and passed both
b) ptd assesment centre ..2 times (the 1st time i failed..but manage to pull thru during the 2nd attempt)
c) the interview..(alhamdulillah i managed to answer all the questions although not perfectly correct..)

I'll start end of this month ..straight away will be sent to kluang johor for a sort of induction course..the first modul in diploma of public administration called 'ptd unggul'
so i come..

after that will be attachment to respective ministry or other gov agency..and then continue the remaining modul for the diploma..

I'm relieved now that i know how i can contribute to the society and country .. well it is true that we can only plan and the rest is depend to Allah.. I guess here is my path..and i'll make the best out of it..

still have a dilemma though..about the specialisation i would take under PTD.I can choose 3 out of 8:
1.Pengurusan sumber kewangan (hmm..interesting since i can use my basic financing knowledge..haha very basic though..)
2. Pengurusan sumber ekonomi ( I might choose this one..hmm)
3. Pentadbiran & pembangunan wilayah/bandar/daerah/tempatn
4. Perancangan & pengurusan sosial/infrastruktur
5. Pengurusan teknologi maklumat( should choose know.. my degree..but what if i don't want to? haha)
6. Keselamatan & pertahanan negara(woww..)
7. Pengurusan sumber manusia & organisasi (well..)
8. Hubungan antarabangsa & hal-ehwal luar negeri (might choose this one too)

ku~~~ di dalam dilema!! ..hehe..
Anyway got a lot of things to settle this few weeks..
medical checkup.. agreement..and all..
wish me luck all..
hope i will have fun.. aand do the best for the job and people..yeahh..

Thursday, July 28, 2005

singing again

saje je tajuk tu sebab takde idea nk tulis ape hahaha
tapi memang aku selalu menyanyi ..sape sape pun..especially kalu happy..
tapi aku menyanyi tak kira masa..haha kalu aku sedih aku lagu2 sedih..
kalu happy nyanyi lagu2 up beat sikit.. kalu nak marah pun aku nyanyi...
just a way to express yourself..

memang suka wat "konsert free" kat umah..
jiran2 aku mesti dah biase dgr sayup2 sore aku melalak sengsorang..
i guess they got used to it..
dah lebih 20 tahun seme duk kat sini..
but i don't really sing in the bathroom ..some people do..

When i was little ..primary schoo,l i used to remember all sort of songs.
masuk pertandingan bintang kecil seme..tapi setakat tu jer lah..
aku berhenti seme my singing activities (choir,nasyid,etc) once aku masuk sek men.
tapi dah tua2 ni tak banyak lagu yang aku ingat...
maybe because there are so much more important things to remember..

another song for my dearest mama...yeay~~
(translation from the original arabic version )

Ummi (by haddad alwi & sulis)

ibu.. lagu yang paling ku gemari
irama yang ku selalu dendangkan
di mana saja, bila saja aku mengingatinya
selalu dan selalu aku menyanyikan


ibu..jiwa dan hidupku
pemberi kebahagiaan dan harapan
sekarang..juga di masa depan

Allah memerintahkan kepadaku
dalam ku sendiri atau terbuka
bersikap membahagiakan,
berlaku sopan dan kasih sayang

namamu wahai ibu terpahat dihatiku
cintaku kepadamu membawa ku ke jalan yang benar
dan doa ku selalu..semoga Allah senantiasa menjagamu

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

happy birthday

happy birthday to my beloved mama!!
muahs muahs

this song is for you~~

BOYZ II MEN - A Song for Mama

You taught me everything
And everything you've given me
I always keep it inside
You're the driving force in my life, yeah
There isn't anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldn't feel right
If I didn't have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be what you have been to me
You'll always be you always will be the girl
In my life for all times

[Chorus: ]
Mama, mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, mama you're the queen of my heart
Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Lovin' you is like food to my soul
You're always down for me
Have always been around for me even when I was bad
You showed me right from my wrong
Yes you did
And you took up for me
When everyone was downin' me
You always did understand
You gave me strength to go on
There was so many times
Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
And say to me I can face anything
And no one else can do
What you have done for me
You'll always be
You will always be the girl in my life
[Chorus ]

Friday, July 22, 2005

smiles !!

Received a very good news last night..
have been waiting sooooo long..
I'll tell you all about it when i've confirmed it.

akan ku tunggu~~
hingga hadir saat itu~~

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

numerology potrait

aper bende pun aku tak paham..
how it work was by adding up some numbers to the letters in your name..minus that..add this..sum here sum there..
haha..bla bla..

and the result for my name..

Your Soul Number is FIVE.
A deep inner restlessness and discontent with the status quo makes you seek out adventure, excitement, and the unconventional.(erk..kebetulan jer) You thrive on new ideas, change, travel, experimenting with new ways of doing things. Predictability and routine make you feel lifeless and unhappy(kadang2 jer..most of the time changes make me is normal..kan??) so you must find a lifestyle that is varied enough to be mentally stimulating and challenging. Independent, freedom-loving, and easily bored, you have trouble making commitments and finishing projects.( comment) You often "move on" prematurely, whether in a personal relationship or in your work. You need to develop discipline and perseverance when you have an important goal.(yes maam!) You have many talents and need many outlets and avenues for their expression,(seme anugerah tuhan..) but try to finish one thing before attempting the next. (ok then..)

Monday, July 11, 2005


Masih dalam mood kenangan..haha..
suka belek2 album lama2..

all these years..
have been to all places..
but still remembering those faces..
tears, smiles and laughters
as time goes by
since our last good bye
memories still fresh in mind
for it was nowhere to be found
hard to replace
will always be the most treasured
well kept
part of me
part of you

Monday, July 04, 2005


Image hosted by
dr kiri:wahid,aszraf,nolee..lawatan lepas UPSR

Teringat aku zaman2 sekolah rendah..
my bestfriend..4 sekawan..aszraf..norwani..wahid..aku..
suka menyanyi..hehe
macam2 perangai..
seorang cermat sesangat..even pemadam die balut takut hitam
yang sorang pandai bab2 melukis.kreatif..cantik..
sorang kaki nyanyi..muzik..seme hentam..
sorang ala2 ustazah..nasyid..

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last month wahid selamat ke jinjang pelamin..
eheh..seronok tengok die ..happy..
semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu ye

Sunday, July 03, 2005

new look

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yeay..after a few unsuccessful attempts ..
akhirnya berjaya gak aku tukar header blog..

now that i know how.. selalu laa aku tukar nampaknyer..