Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tag dari ecah

It is the last day of the year.Most people in the office are on leave. so ..kita bersenang-senang dulu ya..
Ecah..aku menjawab tag mu nih.

The rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules.
List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.
tag 8 org.. hmm lets see..

1. Mira

2. Farah Brutal

3. Radin

4. Hamim

5. Azah

6. nida

7. fiq

8. chech

First name:

Name you wish you had:
”Tengku Cut Nurlina” hehehe (Not really wish for.. but it would be kinda interesting since Cut = tengku for female decendants of ACEH sultanate).Kata orang.. asal-usul jgn dilupa. hehehe

What do people normally your name as:
Do you mean what people normally call me?.? Hmm easy... Nolee..Some call me Lina but normally they are people from office or my teachers.

11 June 1982

Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Time of birth:
06.30 am

Single or taken:
ermm... engaged.. tutt...tutt...tutttt.

Zodiac sign:
Si kembar

My appearance
How tall are you:
Average Asian. 1.60 ..kot..

Wish you were taller:
not really....

Eye color :

Current hair color:

Short or long hair:
long.. I want it short...I want to cut it ..soon.. can ah??

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color:
No. Tidak berminat juga

Last time you did something dramatic with you hair:
Something dramatic?..hmm I kinda had a very short hair throught out the school year that people mistaken me to a boy.. so I would say if I have a very long hair it would be dramatic for me..

Glasses or contacts:
Sometimes glasses n sometimes contacts. But I think I look good with contacts..

Do you wear make up:
yes. Baru belajar-belajar. Bila pakai I perasan HOT..hehe

Paint your nails:
Inai time kecik2 adalaa.

Shy or outgoing:
Shy.. I fake my outgoing self a lot because for me being shy won’t lead me anywhere in life. so lama-lama I was kinda ok n not really feeling that shy among people. Unless i’m not in a good mood.

Sexy or cute:
Both.People can be covered from head to toe but still look sexy. Auwwww~~ (statement perasan ni)

Serious or fun:
Depends on the situation.

A turn on:
Nice smile and a good heart

A turn off:
Over kondifen n lies.

This or That
Flowers or chocolates:
Chocolates. Boleh dimakan…ya betul.. bunga nantikan layu dibuang.. baik makanan ..perut kenyang hati senang.. hehe

Pepsi or coke:
both are not my fav.

Rap or rock:
Rap.. I can talk very fast n I like something that rhymes. (yer la tuh)

Relationship or one night stand:
Relationship lah. “cobalah untuk setia”

School or work:
I like work for the for the FUN

Love or money:
Both… half-half…

In love with no money is hard..

But money without love.. lonely...

Movie or music:

Country or city:

Sunny or rainy days:
I like ‘suam-suam kuku” day also.

Friends or family:
Family and friends. Both. I couldn’t imagine life without them all.

Have you Ever
yerp.tipu sunat. I woulds say it was berbudibahasa n budibicara,eheh.

Stole something:
I’m not sure.

never.I can’t really stand the smoke but since many of my boy friends are smoking including him.. I can rather tolerate it somehow.. but tak kira the due date is ON. STOP SMOKING.. U R NOT ONLY KILLING URSELF BUT THOSE AROUND U. hehe

Hurt someone close to you:
Owh yes.. terlajak perahu buleh diundur..terlajak kata..

Broke someone’s heart:
I dun know.maybe

Wonder what was wrong with you:
Owh yes. But after sometimes I accepted me as myself. U must love urself.

Wish you were prince or princess:
yerp..EH.. I thought I am a princess.. hehehe...*tepuk tepuk dahi

Like someone who was taken:
oh yes..most of the time. It was almost every man I like is taken.. either not single or engaged..Jeng... until I met him...

Shaved your head:
Never but pernah gave a thought to do it. Even my dad supported it.He said”alahh..pakai tudung..bukan org tau pun..” hehe actually I had hair problems at that time.

Used chopstick:
Suka.kalu mkn meggi

Sang in the mirror to yourself:
Selalu esp zaman-zaman sebelum bekerja dan tinggal di rumah sewa.Dari kecik..dulu kan masuk bintang kecik so nyanyi depan cermin for practise.. hair brush jadi microphone.. hehe

that little purple flowers i don’t know their name.

hmm prefer chocolates

Semua yang sedap dan menenangkan. Or lagu lama-lama esp 80s n 90s.

Red. Orange,Brown.Yellow.


People that can sing .

Junk food:


Home. Tak sabar nak hias rumah sendiri.

Animal :
not really.

Ever cried over someone:
owh yes banyak kali. But most of the time kes dpt tau the people I like are taken.hahahaha

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
As long as i am healthy n happy.. I am fine.

Do you think you’re attractive
I am. (statement perasan but what the aku kan..)

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
I don’t want to live a fairytale..I want to live my life.. as real as it is.. life is too short..:D

Do you play any sports:
Pingpong since I was small, badminton but not anymore, volleyball during DPA.

Syarat dan peraturan:
1. Apabila telah terpilih dengan malangnya, silalah menulis 16 perkara paling rawak sama ada tentang fakta, perangai tak senonoh ataupun hala tuju hidup anda.

Mari kita mulakan dengan 16 perkara paling rawak….
i. Saya baru je keluar sarapan dan makan roti bom juga nasi kerabu.
ii. Tgk... saya suka makan...
iii. Tapi orang cakap saya kurus.
iv. Saya anak no 3 dan selalu anak no 3 pelik sedikit
v. Saya rasa saya anak manja yang pura-pura boleh berdikari.
vi. Saya suka kopi .
vii. Saya boleh tido dengan nyenyak walaupun baru minum kopi.
viii. Saya suka bantal kekabu.
ix. Saya suka orang yang mengambil berat.
x. Ada orang cakap saya ada lesung pipit. Ada ke?
xi. Saya pernah pakai braces selama 4 tahun.
xii. Saya merupakan yang pertama masuk sekolah agama dalam keluarga besar saya. Not even my kazen pada waktu itu.
xiii. Saya suka bercamping dan kawad kaki masa sekolah sampai satu masa saya mengalami cramps almost satu badan maybe sbb dehydrated.
xiv. Saya selalu kebas kaki. Esp kalu duduk lama atas lantai
xv. Saya suka menyanyi dan berangan penyanyi.haha
xvi. Saya suka mandi bila hujan.

2. Silalah hasut 16 orang lain untuk melakukan perkara ini.
semua yang di atas X 2.

3. Sila tanda manusia yang telah menanda anda di peringkat awal.

4. Ketahuilah, jika anda terpilih ia adalah kerana anda juga manusia biasa yang perlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang secukupnya ketika bayi.

Erm…nasib lahhh…

1. Do you think you are HOT?
Owh yes... I’m hot that’s why I like to flirt around.. haha (bongok ak statement)

2. Upload you fav pic(s).
di post FUN in the SUN

3. Why do you like those picture(s)?
coz it was FUN

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
last masa jupa lipas dalam makanan kat Pizza Hut Di Jusco Taman Ekuin( Berhati-hati kalu anda makan di situ)

5. The last song u listen to?
ntah lagu sayup2 dari PC my staff outside the room.

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Checking my case files n signing letters.

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
Aishah.. I just love aishah.. it is short n sweet. ( oh oh ecah aku kasi can mu perasan)

8. People I tag:

1. Mira

2. Farah Brutal

3. Radin

4. Hamim

5. Azah

6. nida

7. wei nee

8. chech

9. Who is No.1 - No.4?
No. 1 – UTP housemate
No. 2 – UTP closefriend
No. 3 – old friend since standard 4.
No. 4 – old friend since standard ........ bile ek?..

At last..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FUN in the SUN

It was Christmas but we didn't celebrate it anyway so my siblings and I planned for a day out. Since Pirates have tickets to A Famosa Waterworld in Malacca so we decided to go there. Time to get wet !! Splash splash. The sun was quite shy that day so it was really fun. We went up the spiralling slides and landed upside down in the water hahaha. No one got drown though.I was screaming my lungs out while we went down the slides..hahaha.. and then woooshh there we went under the water.. hihi.The kids also had fun. Afael didn't even want to come out to eat. and he was really brave ..went up even the adults' slides with his father.. huhu
On the way back we went to my aunties..and stayed there for dinner before heading back to my house.

On the next day and the next were Shopping Spree Days.. hehe. My parents arrived that night so the next morning, Pirates, my mum and I went on shopping at SOGO and textiles stores along that road.Sungguh puas hati bershopping sakan.wee!

Kesimpulannya this long break was all about spending money.. Kaching~~..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects.
-Blaise Pascal -

It has nothing to do with the quote but lately I've been rearranging furnitures at home..I even rearranged the refrigerators n other appliances in the kitchen.Last night I rearranged my room..haha giler..nasiblaa echah..hehe.. takpe.. kalu tak suka..kita arrange balik.. hehehe

owh I went to 2 weddings last weekend..both are fellow PTD 105ers. One in Sri gombak and another at Tampin.

I fell in love with the dais.. ngesh ngesh..

us and the happy couple

Kenduri Mas ( fellow 105ers ) was interesting. Rumah keluarganya merupakan rumah kayu lama yang amat cantik.Dengan ukiran sebagainya macam istana dulu-dulu. Pelamin dia pun cantik. simple and sweet dibuat di luar rumah. Kawasan rumah yang agak berbukit juga satu kelebihan membuatkan pelamin berada tinggi sedikit berbanding khemah tetamu. Nice. :D

me n the bride, Su.

us n the newlyweds

Haaa ini merupakan pasangan yang bekerja dalam urusan si baju hijau seluruh negara hehe. Senyap-senyap.tup-tup 2 hari sebelum kenduri, kami menerima jemputan melalui facebook. They treated their relationship as top secret like their jobs kot.kih kih. Majlis ini diadakan di dewan di dalam kawasan masjid.hehe anyway happy for u guys.

Friday, December 19, 2008

When first will not be the last

For the first time since i have started working, I bring my work home today.
It was for the first time also I have to make a composition explaining the law related to my work.
and for the first time too it has to be in English so for the first time I went to the Library at level 2 to borrow the law book (I already have the Malay version but it was hard to translate it literally and I was afraid that i made mistakes on law jargons so it was best to just simply get the English version)

Back at home for the first time i borrowed pirate's lappy
and for the first time also i am online from my dining table at home using pirate's wifi huhu..
The advantages of having him as neighbour. hehe

Owh one more thing
I met second deputy minister face to face for the first time today..spent nearly half an hour with him explaining all the cases alone.. and i didn't feel nervous at all.. woww... accomplishment..hehe. I was really comfortable..thank u dato'.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Easily said than done

There will be good days. And there will be bad days. There will be times when you want to turn around, pack it up, and call it quits. Don't give up at that time. Don't quit. It’s an opportunity to prove your worth.

These words are written on the poster I've hang on the wall since I started doing what I am doing. I posted it on the wall to give me inspiration when I feel my work is making me down.I have just canceled my business trip to Penang tomorrow for some urgent matters to be settled today and tomorrow. I am supposed to analyze 10 cases and draft minutes for approval but here I am updating my blog. Hahaha I just simply lost my focus.

I was just happened to be informed that Along has given birth to a baby boy, FAHRY. (Ayat-ayat cinta ke memberikan idea nama ini, Along?).
With such a beautiful name, he will grow up amazingly strong, InsyaAllah and knowing Along, she is such a resourceful mother and very brave so Fahry will be just fine. Along dear..everyone is here for you...and we are just an sms away.Along loves to write bout her babies progress at her superchild blog.

Owh one more thing. My dear friend, Wei Nee is asking all for a favor..She is in top 50!! So she needs all the votes, please go to and vote for her. and Wei Nee congratulations on your ROM.Happy for u dear!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Firdaus and Siti Balqis

I've been waiting to meet this two babies..
Syikin's (or known as SyikinBaik by fellow PTD 105ers) precious twins.YeaY!!
and it's a girl and a boy. YeaY!YeaY!..
(erk.. aku pulak terlebih teruja..tak ramai oo dapat kembar..lagi-lagi first born)

Syikin gave birth in Terengganu at her in-laws so it was only yesterday that i got to meet her and the babies.Pirates and I took the chance to visit her since she's back in Sg.Siput and also attended her sister's (Huda) wedding. By the way Huda married our friend, Hatta.What a small world.Owh I also met Mel, our UTP friend at the wedding..hehe.

Mel n me

It must be such a challenge for Syikin n hubby. For a first time mother, one would be challenged enough with a baby what more two babies. hehe.. Anyway the mother looked happy and radiant despite the chaos of having a wedding and little babies at the house.


From Syikin's house, we headed up north to Penang. Pirates and Azra want to search for a shop called WestIslander selling branded and exported shirts. We circled the Komtar area a few times but cannot find the Lebuh Carnarvon. Azra tried his GPS. It was ok for a while but the signal was not very good since it was raining cats and dogs. Finally we managed to find it.

The boys finding ways using GPS ..

It was a small and simple shop. It was having its year end sale..wooho. Pirates got himself 3 shirts in different colours plus matching ties and cuff links and it was only RM180++. cheap huh. Since the shirts are imported so the size available are bigger than the average Asians. Poor Azra. He only got himself a pair cuff links.

We had our dinner at Line Clear. We took the ferry out of the island.Pirates and I headed back to KL while Azra went to his sis house in Butterworth. I arrived home at 2++ am. ZZzzzzzzz.

view from the ferry

Friday, December 12, 2008


Saya dan pirate, ecah dan adiknya serta azra bersama anak2 buah dan Roslan berkonvoi untuk balik Kelantan. Kami janji untuk gerak pukul 3 pagi sabtu. Jadi saya dan ecah kul 2.00 pagi dah siap bangun. Kami telefon mengejutkan all the boys. tapi si azra tak angkat2 telefon. rupanya sudah terbabas tidurnya. jadi kami memulakan perjalanan agak lambat sedikit. Pit stop pertama, di Shell Gombak.. dan kemudian berhenti untuk sembahyang subuh dan breakfast Mc D di Genting Sempah.

Perjalanan kami ditemani rintik-rintik hujan dan kabus. Dah masuk negeri Pahang..makin lebat hujannya..Sampai jer di Kuala Krai ..hujan lebat giler sampai jalan ke Betel Hill pun kami dah tak perasan. hehe pit stop seterusnya rumah ecah di Bukit Sireh, Kuala Krai.

Haa.. ini pemandangan dari rumah ecah ..cantik kan? Rumah atas bukit.. depan rumah pun bukit..yang masih hijau..Itu pirate yang sibuk mengemas Baby Erinnye..or..menunjuk woofer baru?..

Kami membetulkan urat saraf dan freshen up sementara menunggu hujan reda untuk ke kenduri fahmi n firus..

haaa.. inilah pengantin nyer.. glemer u.. siap gantung banting ada gambar di trafik light tgh bandar kuala krai.. hehe tak sempat nak amik gambar banting tuh.. yer lah kat trafik light.. kang berenti kang.. marah orang..anyway CONGRATULATIONS FAHMI N FIRUS. kebetulan firus ni housmate dengan kawan Sekolah Naim saya.. fiza a.k.a pijat.

Selepas bergambar.. .. hujan masih lagi lebat..sib baik khemah banyak di tempat kenduri.. Kami cepat-cepat gerak kerana masih perlu meneruskan perjalanan ke rumah saya.. dan kemudian pirate ke rumah keluarganya di Bachok.

Aidiladha macam biasa..tapi saya banyak bertemu orang baru. Saya jupa kawan pirate yang comel..dan keluarga angkatnya yang peramah. hehe.. dan saya suka menghabiskan masa di rumah.. dengan anak-anak sedara yang semakin pandai macam-macam. hmm..

Kami berkonvoi pulang hari selasa.Sekali lagi singgah di rumah ecah untuk lunch dan kemudian terus gerak. Sampai di rumah dah kul 9 malam. terus jer tido..esok keje..


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Hujung minggu lepas, bahagian kami telah mengadakan aktiviti Team Building di Langkawi. Saya dan beberapa orang telah berangkat lambat sedikit daripada orang-orang lain memandangkan pejabat masih lagi perlu dibuka pada hari Jumaat tersebut. Alkisahnya siapa yang datang lambat ...tiada kumpulannya maka kami terpaksa mempromosi diri sendiri untuk mendapat bidaan daripada kumpulan-kumpulan yang berminat..ehehe


Malam selepas lelongan hanya sesi ceramah biasa oleh Hj Hushim..alaa penceramah yang selalu sesi motivasi kat TV3 tu. Esok paginya ..sesi pertandingan menembak ..dan kami semua mendapat bimbingan pasukan Komando 69. Kami diberi 10 bullets dan saya dapat 50 markah.. 4 di kawasan hitam dan 2 lagi bullet hilang..tersasar kot.

Dah penat menembak, kami ke Beringin Beach Resort untuk sesi aktiviti kumpulan di pantai..macam-macam..gelak tak ingat..Owh game di atas kami diikat sesama ahli kumpulan dan benang tersebut tidak boleh putus (yang dibulatkan 2 kat gambar tuh..benang tu la) ..kemudian kami kena merentasi halangan dengan membawa belon berisi air di atas kerusi..siap ada pengacau cuba pecahkan belon lagi. Game kat bawah ni pulak macam main o- som.. tapi ada 3 peranan je.(hakim, pemburu dan harimau) aummm.

Malam itu pula macam biasa aktiviti dinner dan karaoke.. tapi sayang tak tau macam mana pengurusan acara ini..tempat itu punya lah golap..romantik kununn..hahaha owh di pantai yang sama petang tuh.. meraba-raba nak makan.. sound sistem pun hmmm...pilihan lagu pun ciput.. hehehe...

Penat betul..pastu pagi-pagi ahad ..bangun awal sebab nak rush for last minute shopping.. and memang rushing giler..berjaya shopping coklat dalam masa 10 minit sebab kena kejar flight balik pulak.. wuhuhu.. Balik-balik ..ada orang dah tinted baru keretanya plus new woofer (betul ke eja nih..pirate?) hehe

and now we are one big united team