Monday, February 22, 2010

" You rasa macam mana?"

Setiap langkah hidup ini mesti ada batu-batu yang menghalang..
jalan terus saja

"You rasa macam mana?" Itu ayat big boss. Setulusnya saya tiada rasa ketika itu. Melihat bos yang sedang enak menjamah nasi lemak pun, saya tidak rasa apa-apa walaupun saya masih belum bersarapan . Kerana saya melihat apa yang saya inginkan hanya separuh tercapai iaitu berubah tetapi rupanya ia membawa saya ke tempat yang mungkin dikatakan mampu mengundang ketidaklapangan hati.

Jadi cadangan bos itu mungkin sedikit memberi keamanan kerana saya hanya perlu mengengsot ke tepi sahaja tanpa perlu mengangkat kaki dan melompat ke seberang. Tapi saya risau nanti saya dilanda kejumudan. aduhai. Serba salah jadinya.

Tapi bila saya fikir mungkin ada hikmahnya jika saya sekadar mengengsot memandangkan keadaan sekarang. hmm. Bos... kalu betul nak saya engsot saja, Cepatlah sikit urusannya, bimbang yang di seberang menunggu. hehehe

Uish ini sudah kali kedua lompatan saya tak jadi. Lepas ini mesti orang pikir dua kali nak bagi saya lompat lagi. Sampai bersara la macam ni. Takpe, saya nak bersara awal, berangan jadi mak datin, buka spa or cafe bookshop untuk kawan-kawan melepak. hahahahaha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was warded again. For 4 days. No, not for drips, dehydrating but for spotting blood. Actually It was Sunday and I was at a shopping complex as usual my weekend date with husband. I went to the toilet and as I washed up I found blood in the bowl. (haha very the detail lah ) I tried not to panic and finished up my ‘business’.

Soon outside I told dear husband and he immediately suggested going to the hospital. Now, I actually have some phobia with hospitals after a few bad experiences with Putrajaya one. Huhu so we headed up to Azzahra but disappointingly they didn’t want to accept my case fearing that I maybe having an early labor and they didn’t have the equipment for premature babies (?). They suggested me to be referred to government hospital so I immediately chose Hospital Serdang.

Arriving at the hospital labour room they immediately made a thorough check up. They ultrasound scan me twice to make sure it wasn’t placenta previa. Finally they diagnosed me with cervical erosion. Common among pregnant woman, those on hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills and young woman. It is believed to be responses of the level of estrogen in the body.

I was monitored for those few days and discharged on Wednesday but on MC until Chinese New Year. We had initially planned to go back to KB for the long break but had to canceled it since it was not advisable for me to travel long distance. Huhu how frustrating cos I actually anticipating the long break in the comfort of my parents home. Hmm anyway I spent the long holiday lazying around. My sister and sister in law was there and help around with the house chores. Plus dear husband who has to do everything in his own.. huhu.

I have another appointment with the gynae early next month so hopefully everything will be fine since I am planning to give birth at my hometown.. huhuhu

It was quite an experience spending time in the Hospital since this was my first time admitted more than 1 day. And I met quite a few interesting people. I may have to write a new post to describe them. Hehe

Ps: I was planning to do some work, but had a few things going on in my mind, plus the baby is kicking hard. I am tired, getting stressed out and sleepy that is why I can blog. If I had nothing to do, happy and as calm as a baby, I will not have any ideas to blog. Hihi.