Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thoughts (can be destructive)

I’ve been thinking..
I saw friends and family moving on with their lives. Doing new things. Doing many things. Some are successful at it. Some are doing it on try and error purposes. And many also flop miserably but they learnt valuable lessons from it.
That make me think of my life.
I used to be very cautiously adventurous before. Why I said cautiously because there are certain things I will not do under any circumstances but there are things I may consider doing under certain circumstances. I think my life now is like a car moving on a highway. A smooth sailing ride with nothing to see on the roadside or no manhole or bumps to avoid. It is a boring and sleepy ride with a few stops at RnR for refreshment.
I saw friends going into businesses. Small scale selling clothes, vitamins, supplements tru FB, blogs and all. Taking fully advantage of the Internet. I thought “ No.I am not good in business. I am not good at finance and persuading people. I might ending up giving people goods for free.” Hmm
I saw friends into fashion and beauty. Giving consultations to people about make up, image, and fashion. Giving talks in corporate training class. I thought “ No. First I’ve said I am not good at public speaking.  And the topic.. fashion clothes make up. Huhuhu. I rarely wear make up. And I don’t have a clue about current trend dan fashion. I just wore whatever I find decent, beautiful and comfortable.”
I saw family now going into wedding gifts and hantaran creation. Making beautifully crafted designs for family and friends wedding. It was quite a demand nowadays. I thought “ No. I am not the crafty type. I just know how to fold square out of tissue paper and that’s it.”
I went to book fair and went crazy buying cheap books. Woohoo I was like a kid in a candy store munching as many candies as I can in my mouth. Then I thought “ maybe I can just sit, read all this books and make a review for people to read.” “ No. I don’t even have time to finish one book. I have been reading one book for months and still can’t finish it.”
Maybe I just buy the beautiful hard cover cooking books and experiment all the recipes. I will gain two benefits. I can wrote about my cooking adventure and second my family will have a nice meal. “ No. I’ve said I have little time didn’t I.”
My mind did all the thinking without my consent. Often negative thought or excuses. Some are lame ones. I know I can do anything in the world if I made my mind on it, pull my a*s*s up and work on it, and god gives us 24 hours a day not for nothing. But for now I am not doing anything.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jalan-jalan cari makan

Minggu lepas.. sudah terlupa harinya, selasa ke rabu .. si Tett tetiba roger-roger katanya nanti malam mahu ke rumah Tomak di Alpinia sana. Eh aku ingatkan si Tomak masih menyewa sekitar rumah aku rupanya dah pindah ke rumah sendiri isk isk. Since daddy Irfan pun bagi greenlight. so berjalanlah diriku , Irfan dengan si Tett ke Alpinia. dah lama aku duk teringin nak tengok rumah area ni. Ingatkan kawasan ini siap lebih lewat.. tetapi rupanya dah dekat setahun Tomak duk sini, lagi awal dari aku pindah rumah rupanya. hihi. biasalah borak-borak. lagi pun boleh anakku tu bersosial.. hari-hari duk rumah ngan bibik ajer.. sekurang-kurangnya jumpa juga rakan sebaya. Tengok lah gambar tu anak bujangku pantang jumpa kamera sengih memanjang. Sampai nak enterframe terlindung auntie tett. huhu.

kami sudah berkawan dari sekolah rendah. nanti ntah anak-anak pun sama huhu.