Wednesday, January 24, 2007

lawyer perhaps??

Selama ini aku selalu dgr apa itu afidavit..
roughly i know what it is..
tapi hari ini baru aku tau makna sesebenarnya..
It is actually from a Latin word and it means "He has declared upon oath"
thanx to an article in UTUSAN today..

well.. it is a law term..I blajaq IT dulu..
ginilaa jadinya bile blaja mende lain..keje wat mende lain..
anyway it is a challenge for me..
bermula 2007 aku dgn penuh semangatnya berazam utk master all this law terms..
at least those related to what i do..

I need to work hardd..real hardd..
learn dear..learn..n learn FAST!!

sebenarnya dulu masa belajar business law (both utp n paac)
aku rasa cam best..because they play with words..

urs truly feel like being a lawyer..hrmm..

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