Monday, January 22, 2007


Terlalu istimewa
sang by Adibah Noor won the juara Lagu last night..
as expected actually.. for the song was as special as the title
and ADibah have a greatTT voice.. smooth..and full of energy..

I had the opportunity to watch her singing live..
during one of the dinners held in conjunction of the Sultan's birthday
a few years back..
really breathtaking..she hit the high note without effort..
arghh i was so damn jealous..hehe

and on that particular night too..
for the first time in my life..
i heard my father.. on stage ..singing..
and all of us..
i mean n my siblings was shocked..
hehe yeah we heard him singing before
but not on stage..hehehe

i thought i was the only one ..
who love singing..
who always did a "free concert" at home..
sometimes my younger sister will join in..
and she is good at doing the harmony..

and last raya..
I just knew that my cousins are good at playing guitar..
maybe we can have a mini concert among ourselves someday..hehe
only for self amusing ..i guess..

urs truly only sing for fun.. and releasing the tension n pressure..

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