Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Our office having the inter-dept sports carnival..till end of this month

The price-tag of our team's t-shirt had force me to join the chess team...( damn materialistic!..well who's not?)

we lose the first round..everyone was busy that nobody from my dept turned up for the first round..this 2nd round..played till 10 pm..with a break for maghrib prayers..huhh..

haVen't played chess for soo long..luckily i still remember the basic steps..
but i really had to polish up my strategies, techniques and stay-in-focus skill..

p/s: it is all in the power of mind..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Afael, Uddin n the postman

one fine morning

me: posmen datang..pi amik surat nuh..

the 2 boys ran out.. grabbed the letters and said to the postman

fil: bye bye spiderman..

uddin: bye bye cicakman

the smilling postman just sped away..

i laughed ..n the 2 boys looked at me..confused..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

end of a retreat

I jumped into the pool with my hp still in the pocket..*grin


now it is in the state of" hidup segan mati tak mau".

urs truly will be out of reach for a few days..until she figures out what to do..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

When you hv a busy parents you learn to adapt and adjust

my pama hv always been busy with their work..but they always hv time for us..but since we knew they had enough from the work..tired and all.. we( the 5DINs) always make an effort to lessen the burden..
what ever we can do ourselves.. we did on our own..

as papa always said" i've expose you guys(my siblings) to all sort of thing..i've brought u to events.. with VIPs or in the kg orang asli..for you to learn to adapt..learn how to behave..know what to expect.. so be proactive.. react according to the situation needs ..without me having to tell everytime.." .

but being the middle child..I used to be the confused one..the fusion of bro's and sis's mum once said " anak no3 memang pelik sikit" i ended up being the keras hati-takde perasaan-rock sopan-hv an eye on things beatiful-perasan bongsu- daughter.. - now i'm confused.hehe

I don't see my self as manja -mengadu type..what ever i feel ..i keep inside..
what ever i want ..i try hard..saving and all get it myself..( kalu tak dpt gak, kene laa mitak subsidi)
so when i was away in utp...Aku dulu selalu kena marah sbb jarang tipon umah..
jarang nak report dah sampai ke blum kalu travel jauh2 to my mama...
I am just not used to it..
I am just not used having to report every single thing of what i do to anyone..
because I have this " no news means good news" agreement with papa..

but after a few years away from home..
I came to realise ..distance do make hearts grow fonder..
I don't have the time..but i need to make the time..
I must spend as much time as i can with them..
that's why when i went back to my hometown i "malas" to go "malas" that my friends complained..heh
I'll follow my mum and dad wherever possible.. "mengekor"..saje2.. makan.. pi pasar..
pi main tennis( is not playing anymore)..pingpong..badminton..
masuk kebun...pi tgk tournament ..pi tgk exhibition..pesta flora.. shopping ..all sorts of things.. boring or not..

so sometime down my history lane..although i didn't remember when ..
I have once made a vow somehow.. that
" It is a highest priority in my life.. for no matter what i'll do or must be for them(pama) to be proud and smile"

p/s: urs truly ideas has running dry..but echah's "I was thinking.." post make me "homesick" and wrote this..

Thursday, May 03, 2007

ke tempat asal??

I have found that there ain't no surer way
to find out whether you like people or hate them
than to travel with them. -mark twain

hehe..i do agree with the quotes above..
the trip yesterday was fun..
with sufi n echah jokes..
i was laughing till my stomach hurts.

kepada ketua rombongan.."the jerai"
perjalanan lancar tanpa sebarang halangan..

to all "pilots" .. alternatif atau bukan..
cayalaahhHH..12 hours driving..sakit belakang tuh..hehe

although the journey was quite a
with the "jamming the nation " traffic.. the "surat cinta" from police..
a few "nescafe tarik" sessions ...

yang penting we had a superb "rider"..hehehe

ps: thanx a bunch guys.. a trip back back home won't be this fun without u guys.. and now i'm sooo mengantuk.. arggh..kije kije..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

kelana silat guling

macam takde idea nak mengepost sekarang..

abih bersilat ..berguling di opis..
and now ending my 6 days break at home..
i mean real kb..
arghh.. damn seronoknya..


esok dah kene kembali lagi berkelana..