Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mejeng di Medan

Dani, Nabila and Nadia with Irfan at their house
Masjid Agung Medan

Merasa Nasi Uduk di tepi jalan . from left: nabila,me n husband

kereta kuda di Berastagi


Thanks to Pakcik Dar, CheGam, Bonda Yang, Dani, Nadia, Nabila ,Bondan and Qemal, we had such a great holiday in Medan, Indonesia. Before this I was quite worried because we were suppose to spend 5 days in Medan and from what I search on the Internet there are not many tourist spot in Medan. There are only lake toba and Brastagi which are outside Medan.

My husband, Irfan and I accompanied by my parents and younger brother flew to Medan for our new year break. We have fun although most of the time spent was mostly on eating and shopping. The boys got to experience New Year celebration Medan style. Mejeng (lepaking I suppose) by the roadside where there was live bands performing and fireworks.

We also explored different taste of Indonesia such as melayu Padang, Minang and Acheh cuisine. Bonda Yang also went through all the trouble to prepare us dinner of Pliek U and Acheh Curry. We also have the chance to eat Nasi Uduk plus fried chicken or duck with special sauce (sambal).
Since it was new year holiday, our trip to Lake Toba was cancel due to unavailability of accomodation. Fully booked. To went up there on a day trip would be too exhausting and I don’t think it is wise since we have a baby with us. It will take 6 hour up plus 45 minutes of ferry ride to Pulau Samosir in the middle of the lake and another 45 minutes back to mainland and 6 hours down.

Instead we just went up to Brastagi on the 2nd Jan since we anticipate that the road would be clearer since everyone will be going down already. How we are wrong huhu.. The journey up which supposedly only one hour took about 4 hours and it was even worst when we went down at around 6pm. We arrived safely in TSB at midnight. ( Untung Irfan tidur, mummy dah risau bekalan susu tidak mencukupi).

Irfan was such a good boy. Throughout the journey, he will only cry if he is hungry or want to sleep. At most of the time he was calm even more if there are people who entertain him .

weeehuuu... missing Medan already. To those name mentioned above, thanks for letting us crashing in at your place, for driving us everywhere and even guiding us around for good stuff to buy plus bargaining.

next time .. gantian ya.. kamu semua pula ke sini.. :D