Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Missing Him

It was raining heavily this morning..
i woke up and was thinking of my dream last night..
I dunno why.. i kinda miss him..
i slept with teary eyes last night ..

Miss his grey eyes..

soft voice talking to me..
his warm smile ..
his hug when i was about to move here..
his last hug..

i still remember the day we all sat together having dinner with him..
as if we all know he's going to leave us..
i remember ,..his favourite hot Milo O must be ready for him after dinner..
chit chatting about world war II..
about the good old days..

missing my Tok Mat dearly..
maybe it was because of the coming wedding end of this week..
The time when the whole family are suppose to get together..

tidak sempat aku melihat wajahnya untuk kali terakhir..
membuatkan aku lambat menyesuaikan diri..
terasa seolah-olah dia masih di sini..

Friday, December 08, 2006


AKu bertugas untuk Dewan Negara..
Kebetulan kementerian aku kene menjawab soalan hari tu..
Tapi aku half heartedly there..sebab byk keje sebenarnya kat ofis..
hehe..tapi yang best jupa ramai member-member 1.0.5.ers kat situ..
kebetulan dua-dua dewan rakyat dan dewan negara bersidang serentak..
ramailaa..geng2 kiterang..ada yang bertugas..
ada yang datang stand by ..untuk soalan2 parlimen..
ada yang datang stand by untuk banyak perkara-perkara lain..
kind a busy parliament that day..

wait until the dewan negara session ended..at about 6.00pm..and it rained heavily outside..
so we all wait for the rain to 'reda' skit.. had tea tarik session at the cafe..
about 7pm baru berangkat pulang..tumpang my friend..dgn hujan renyai-renyai ..
dgr soundtrack 'cinta' that my friend had bought..
around 9 baru sampai umah since we stopped at seksyen 15 bangi for dinner..

end the 'duty call' day..

nxt week i'm going to Melaka.. as usual business trip..
yee haa...


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Words to ponder..

" Hope is not a plan"

quote from Oprah show last night.

hope is just a hope..a wish ..who may or may not come true..
but plan is different..
plan is a guided to do list..
plan has goals..
plan is a well thought path or activities in order to achieve goals..

a hope without plan is like a dream without effort..
a plan without hope is like a rainbow without colours..

well at least that's what i think..what do you think?


went to watch "CINTA" with the gang last thursday..nice..

"p/s:cinta ade banyak maksud tau.. so, jgn perasan sgt. Hahahahhaah.
Tp bak kata pelakon dalam CINTA, kalo kita nak, mesti ade cara kan.
Jgn pulak cepat give up nanti org ckp,
awak ni negative la.
Tp kalo dah tak dpt org akan ckp,
love is about letting go.
So, erm… ok. "

quote this from
mid's blog..
just a smart way to summarise everything about the movie..
Cayalahh Mid!!

ada kawan lama tanya aku.."So have u found ur cinta?"
aku tanya balik "kena cari ke?bukan datang sendiri?"
tau apa jawapan kawan lama tu..
" mungkin tak payah cari..mungkin dah pernah datang tapi masa tak kena.."
teringat cerita green green grass di blog mid..
thinking how many green grass we have miss when we walk across the field..


Monday, November 27, 2006

Labuan Trip II

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waiting for the bus to the airport..sayonara labuan

Friday, November 24, 2006

Labuan Trip

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another beautiful view of the sea from the Anjung Ketam at Kg Tanjung Aru
on the other side of the island..15 minutes from the town
the crab there are freshly provided by the fisherman at the village..
the crabs was still very much alive so we can pick any crab that we want..
we took the minibus to get there..minibus no 5 from the bus station in town
doesn't really know where but simply took the risk..
thank god the driver knew bout the place..
although we didn't really know how to get back to our hotel when the bus dropped us there,
we still enjoyed the food very much..especially the crab..
they were big enough ..full of white juicy flesh..
and the masak pedas was so finger licking good.. even talking about it make me hungry..
and it was also cheap..for 2 kg of crab with rice..
and other side dishes plus the drinks for 6 person it only cost us Rm 60++


the problem.. we didn't have the transport to go back to the hotel..
The place was far from the main road so obviously no bus..
and it was already dark..no way we will walk to the main road.
asking around..we found a pakcik living near by who has a school van..
so he ended up sending us to the hotel..haha
we paid him of course ..if not we might miss the night lecture.. :D

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Monday, November 20, 2006


I was left alone ..the only officer of the unit today..
the rest went outstation..arghh..it made me kelam kabut..I think i'm the only one felt kelam kabut although people didn't seems to see me kelam kabut. The staff seems to have the best time of their life..(yerlaa ..setakat aku nih.hhehe)

and know what..I need to bring up the paper for approval from the big boss..
gee... thank god that the bodyguard and PA gimme full cooperation bout the big boss whereabout..
make my job easier.....
don't really have the mood to "kejar-mengejar ..especially when you hv to do it ALONE
..and in the afternoon big boss start calling me.. suddenlly he call me azlina..haha anything boss.."azlina pun azlina lah..janji you are satisfied with paper and sign it." ...everything was done before 5.. sigh..

so now i'm just browsing around..trying to finish up the labuan story..but don't really have the mood..
so start bloghopping..and ..

I quote this from snubnosse's blog ..

"yakinkan aku tuhan, dia bukan milikku"


p/s: this snubby really have a stint in writing and story telling..

funny how time flies (when you are having fun) ...
janet jackson sang that song..which i do agree..
but i must add ..time also flies when you have so much things to do..
24 hrs seems so limited..haha..

anyway.. my time are fully occupied nowadays ..
full of activities.. including weekends..
which were full of attending open houses and kenduris
and my schedule till end of month seems well...hmm..
an open house after open house.. which i love.. especially the food..
a kenduri after kenduri.. which i enjoy as it always mean the reunion of the gang..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
open house at aimi's place

thank you for those who has invited me..or my friends ( it means i can tag along..kate open house kan..)
thank you for those who 'sudi menumpangkan aku' n drive me there..
tumpangkan laa lagi..

ok enough ..

i know ..i know..
i promise the story about the labuan trip.. wait aa..
on the way..~~


Friday, November 17, 2006

after 20 OCT

having heard the "sesuatu" ..I still had the best raya ever..
but i neglected my hphone..what i always tend do whenever i was in KB ..

back here after raya..the reality hit me..
the phone SMS alert rang..
managed to stay silent only for a day (hish..aku ni baik sgt ke apa??)
n after a few SMSes.. case closed

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di luar kudrat dan daya
bukan salah sesiapa
bukan salah aku dan dia
hanya tuhan yang maha kuasa..
untuk hamba yang diduga supaya sedar dan insaf..
kita hanya mampu berusaha..
dan redha

pic: sunrise from rennaisance hotel in KB on the last day of penempatan kampung modul DPA

p/s: this post hv been posted on the 6th.. but something went wrong ..after i republish it the date change to 17th as if i post it today.. I am suppose to update everyone bout my Labuan trip but hey..i've only arrived here last night..n most of the pics in mid's cam ( n she flew to kuching today) so i'll "story " you all bout the trip which is FUN ... lotsa FUN.. nxt week.. I need to catch up with the work today..so chiows..!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

a journey from alamanda last night

semalam ada kawan beritahu aku 'sesuatu'
i was kinda expecting it ..
since we hv talk about something related before that
which lead to her telling me that news..
she heard bout it for days but didn't have the guts to tell me..
she said she was sad and 'kesian'kan aku..
but when she told me..i just smile and laugh ..
although i feel like i was faking it.
The truth is i don't know what i should feel..
I'm not sad..duhh..
mungkin sedikit terkilan..sigh

ahaha..to my kawan..
thanks for finally breaking the news to me..
but please don't hesitate to tell me anything in the future..
especially if it is something regarding this..
whatever it is.. however you may think i will handle it..
good or bad..please..

to my kawan's kawan who told her the news ..
thanks ..heard you also 'tak sampai hati nak cakap'
you even adviced my kawan to wait for the right moment to tell me..haha

but i really wanna say thank you for your concern..

I think my grammar went terribly wrong in this post..

weng weng..

by the way ptg ni ..buka puasa besar-besaran with the gang..
since this is our last buka puasa together..
at bukit bintang..yee haa..
lobster...arghh...nyum nyum..
eating is just a yummy way to mend a broken heart hahaha...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

konvo pics

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

all the sweat..all the tears..all the laughters..and all the fun..
not a single thing will not be remembered..
for it makes each of us what we are today..

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Simple life

hah.. tak abih lagi terkejut mendengar aku yang high maintenance..hihi

anyway..i guess many were wondering why i ended up with the simplest layout ..
no link on the sidebar..no pics..

well to tell the truth..
I have no time..
Have loads of pics but can't upload them..
Tired enough with my tasks to work on the blogs layout..

I'm tired.. that is it..
enough said.pull stop.

p/s : did you see the moon last night??


hahahaha..i just laugh and laugh..
my friend overheard somebody said "dia ni high manteinance nih" when my name was called during our last convocation..
woww hehehehe... gelihati rasa..
kalau betullah orang yang dia maksudkan itu adalah aku..
amatlah nyata dia itu tidak mengenali aku..
ntah-ntah dia hanya kenal aku pada nama..
borak ngan aku pun mungkin jarang sekali..

setiap orang berhak mempunyai pandangan masing-masing
setiap orang mempunyai definisi berbeza terhadap sesuatu..

* the haze getting worse..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

cuti tambahan

hari ini jerebu makin teruk..pagi-pagi pandangan masih lagi terang ..tapi menganjak ke pukul 11..asap atau kabus atau jerebu itu telah mula mengaburi mata..dan dah lepas tengah hari ini ia makin mengasak-asak nampaknya...

selalunya dari tingkap 11 pejabat atas kayangan ku ini..aku masih dapat melihat istana melawati dengan jelas dari jauh..
tapi hari ini..langsung tak nampak bayangnya..malah kompleks 'bungkusan'(parcel) sebelah pun kabur sahaja ..jelas jerebu semakin menggila

okeh..berita gembira hari ini... semalam sebenarnya..semua kakitangan awam mendapat cuti pada 23 hb ini..waaa weee seronok gue.. jimat cuti satu hari.. walaupun aku tidaklah cuti lama sangat pun hari raya nanti.. yang penting cuti tu boleh aku guna untuk cuti lagi akhir tahun nanti.. hmmm

yang pasti syikin yang seronok sebab sebenarnya dia terpaksa kerja hari isnin tu..apabila diisytihar cuti..dapatlaa dia berbuka di rumah..hehe

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


semalam syok..ralit aku duk perhati awan2 bergerak dari bilik opis ku..
almaklum ofis di puncak kayangan.. :D
tapi itu semalam hari ni tiada lagi..

hari ni kat luar jerebu teruk..
pukul 3 petang cam dah pukul 6.
nampak berdebu tingkap bilik ..
tak tau laa keadaan kat luar macam mana..
aku tak keluar dr opis dari pagi td ni..

hmmm..nak berbuka ngan apa yer ari ni?

Friday, September 29, 2006


Alhamdulillah.. kita bertemu ramadhan sekali lagi..

this is my 2nd year puasa di sini..
rasanya kali ni aku lebih tenang dan lapang dada .. mohon berpanjangan..
mungkin kerana kali ni aku telah 'blend in' dengan suasana ini
mungkin juga kerana aku sudah punya hosmet yg best plus 'we r like family'
mungkin juga aku sudah punya ramai 'close friends' utk buka puasa bersama-sama
mungkin juga kerana aku punya teman utk bersahur di hening hari.. :D

aku rasa pasar ramadhan kali ini cam kurang variety..
aku juga rasa tetiba semua orang berlumba-lumba nak buat meeting..
(buat sblm posa kan best..leh makan..)
aku pun rasa tahap produktiviti aku agak menurun but still manageable
aku rasa cam aku hilang sikit daya ketahanan untuk fokus..
aku rasa cam aku dah semakin mengarut..
so better end it here..

Friday, September 22, 2006





konvo over

Majlis penganugerahan fellow INTAN
penyampaian diploma INTAN
Fun when you have friends around..
not so fun when you can't share it with your family..
not available .... ... yet

Friday, September 15, 2006


seminggu nih seme orang cam jiwang-jiwang karat..
penangan filem 'heart' kat pawagam kot..
everyone hv been lovey-dovey..
the ost of the film ..'my heart' was in the air like 24-7..
in my office..in the car..at home..
hua hua..yeah true the song is nice..
smooth swaying melody..even the lyrics..

but i like the song 'sampai menutup mata 'from the ost..
well..not for any particular reason ..
but the chorus was like..so me..hahaha...
it goes..

aku tak mudah mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah mengatakan
aku jatuh cinta

waaa...jiwang jiwang..sorry geng..

selagi tak abis 'heart' nyer sindrom jadi camniler gamak nyer..
tahap karat besi hijaunyer jiwang..hehe
if u read this and u feel dizzy..

just imagine my housmet hv to bare with my'jiwang'ness hehehehe.
Nolee, your best quality shines through in how Easygoing you are

The fact that you're a calm, relaxed person who tends to take life in stride really draws people to you! But that's not the only thing. Your answers on the test indicate you're a person with a strong will who is typically determined to follow through on difficult demands and meet important goals. You are a caring and considerate person who is typically very loving, as well, too.

ngesh.. ngesh..

New JOY!!

New addition to Kudins' familia..


she was born on 7 Sept 2006..
sharing the same birthday with her elder brother..
the new joy in the household..
the gift of happiness..
in the brink of RAMADHAN..

sorry no pics yet..i haven't gone back to KB..

for you dear girl..

bintang sinar di ufuk langit
menyambut tiba sang puteri
moga manis budi bukan sedikit
rupa yang cantik tambah penyeri

Monday, September 11, 2006

DEngar Bisikku - The Rain
Kadang aku berpikir
Dapatkah kita terus coba
Mendayung perahu kita
Menyatukan ingin kita

Sedang selalu saja
Khilaf yang kecil mengusik
Bagai angin berhembus kencang
Goyahkan kaki kita

Genggam tanganku jangan bimbang
Tak usahlah lagi dikenang
Naif diri yang pernah datang
Jadikan pelajaran sayang

Dengar bisikanku oh dinda
Coba lapangkan dada kita
T’rima aku apa adanya
Jujur hati yang kita jaga

Mengapa selalu saja
Khilaf yang kecil mengusik
Bagai ombak yang besar
Goyahkan kaki kita

Bila gundahmu tak menghilang
Hentikan dulu dayung kita
Bila kau ingin lupakan aku
Ku tak tahu apalah daya
suka betul lagu ni..walaupun kalu pikir2 ni sebenarnya lagu sedih..melodi pun slow..but anyhow i love it..
listening to it especially when 'fenin2' with all the workload..kinda hv the calming effect..cehehe..

Friday, September 08, 2006

2nd Graduation??

"konvo biler nih?"
"oit dah kuar kat ptdportal..daftar konvo"
"hang dah ambik baju blum?"
"nanti konvo hang bawak sapa?"
"nanti rehearsal aku nak tumpang ko.."

the excitement is in the air (is it??..ayat penyedap je) well..i'm sure ada gak laa sikit-sikit..
this is not the normal convo..quite extraordinaire..not everybody will experience such convo..haha
and it is sort of confirmed that it is going to be held at the PICC..hmm.. on 19th September..
i just went to Maroz the tailor for our ceremonial attire..(baju istiadat laa beb aku wat direct translation tuh..btul ke ntah ..)pegi ptg semalam ngan bebudak nih..terus try kat situ takut ada nak adjust2 lagi..
ok dah settle.dapat cukup lengkap dengan accessories nya..
melayang duit ku..adeh..biler nak dapat claim duit baju istiadat nih...surat jemputan tak dapat lagi..hihi..

ntah bila lagi aku nak pakai baju istiadat ni lepas convo nati..
kalau posting negeri boleh gak pakai time2 hari keputeraan ke apa..
nak terima pingat..lambat laa lagi....berangan...jangan tak berangan...
-7 Sept 2006
the letter came yesterday..
it says:
Tarikh: 19 September 2006
Masa:8.00 am
Tempat: Plenary Hall, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
Pakaian: Pakaian Istiadat

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


hari tu aku tengah pressure tak tau kenapa..
pastuh baca blog ani sekali ade pasal berlari lari nih..so aku tulis komen..

berlari..larilah juga..
jangan lupa pandang sekeliling..
memang hajat menuju ke depan..
namun hayati apa diperjalanan..
kerana itu menambah perisa..
rempah dan rencah hidup..
supaya hadapan yang dikejar..
bertambah-tambah manisnya..

berlari..larilah juga..
kadang-kadang lihat ke tanah..
ada kerikil bimbang terpijak..
ada akar takut tersadung..
terjatuh..terduduk usah digusar..
kuatkan semangat bangkit semula..

Monday, August 21, 2006


"sebabnya kamu ni susah nak percayakan orang.."
my senior officer said when he commented bout me being single..huh..
that was when i can't come out wif the reasons of me being single.

I dunno..maybe i just don't bother ..
maybe i'm just too bz wif me..
maybe it's true what he said..
after serious thinking i think it's true..
what he said..
is it good or is it bad..i dunno
if it is bad..
then there is something I need to change..
or else..let it be..

things happen
when it is time..
when it is fated..

Friday, August 11, 2006

awat laa aku akhir-akhir ni macam-macam penyakit..
semalam aku tak makan satu hari..
ingatkan ok laa kot..
balik umah lam kul 7 lebih ptg dari opiss..
sakit kepala sesangat..maybe sebab mata penat..
pastuh dah makan-makan..bukak contact lense seme
(aku pakai contact pn sbb smlm pakai spek cam dah weng2.)
thought the pain would ease a bit..
hmm..tak kurang jugak..
so ingat tido awal laa..sebab dah pening sangat..makan pun cam nak keluar balik..
sekali bangun pagi nih..tak kurang-kurang jugak..
ok..angin kot..i'm going to hv a heavy bekpes today..
so aku bantai laa pulut kuning my boss bawak..
ok laa sikit..pastuh dapat peluang lak keluar dengan arahan..
stended keje aku lar.."sesi kejar-mengejar"..
sempat la lelap sat dlm kete sementara nak sampai kl tuh..
pi kejar ramai2..bleh laa lelap..
kalu pi kejar sorang ..mampus aku kalut..*

ini ptg takde kejar-kejar dah kot..hope can settle a few things ptg nih..

*u hv to know me in order to know who yang i kejar..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pelik bezanya

aku rasa pelik..
atau perasaan ku pelik?..
atau aku dalam keadaan yang pelik?
atau aku nampak orang pelik?

aku yang rasa bezanya..
atau aku sudah berbeza..
atau aku nampak orang yang berbeza..

apa lainnya pelik dan berbeza?
berbeza mungkin bukan pelik..
tapi pelik juga mungkin tidak berbeza..
tapi beza bukankah bila kita pelik dari orang lain
cuma pelik adalah bila orang tidak biasa dengan beza..

biarlah pelik..
biar berbeza..
asal kita dan tuhan tahu bezanya..
pelik itu..

hari ni

hari nih sah kompem aku dah kene selesema..ini laa bahana tak cukup rehat..
stress tak tentu pasal and berjalan jauh ..kata orang bertukar angin..
bulan ni 2 kali aku makan angin..
pi negeri bawah bayu and selatan semenanjung dalam selang masa tak sampai seminggu..huhu..

owh ..2 hari lepas aku pi johor tuh melawat salah satu penjara & pusat pemulihan akhlak kat situ...condition?..hmm..what else to say..

what do you expect? dh namanya penjara..tapi kira ok laa..esp part blok perempuan..agak bersih..
perasaan aku..a day in the jail..ermm..ntah..takde perasaan kot..

or i just simply menidak-adakan perasaan..aku tak berani nk pandang banduan-banduan tuh..

tapi aku salute part kerja pertukangan yang derang buat..especially pertukangan kayu..cantik2..

teringin lak nak angkut satu meja balik umah..they said we can purchase the products at Kajang jail..
so jom ramai-ramai..bagi sokongan kepada banduan yang belajar skill-skill ini untuk mengubah nasib bila keluar nanti..

malam sebelum lawatan ada dinner bersama pegawai-pegawai penjara..

superb dinner..kenyang beb..ada karaoke plak..aku bantai 3 lagu..dah lama tak me"nyumbang"kan suara nih..

benci tapi rindu original version by diana nasuton
jgn ada dusta original version by dewi yull and broery (duet wif staff penjara)
dua insan original version by m nasir and yunizar hussein (duet wif my colleague)

pastuh tgk m*d blaja main snooker..sempat gak derang nih blajar..masuk 1-2 ok laa..
it was a fun trip though quite tiring..sebab masa yang terhad..

Friday, July 28, 2006

arghh ..hari ni pagi-pagi lagi aku dah pening..salah bantal agaknya
(bantal jugak yg disalahkan)..
tapi 2-3 hari ni memang aku "tertekan" sikit..hehe..
mungkin jugak sebab nak sesuaikan diri dengan gaya kerja unit baru..
atau mungkin sebab aku salah makan
(terlebih makan atau tak cukup makan)*
mungkin jugak sudah kurang aktiviti fizikal yang dilakukan..
(malas btul nak jogging..)

bila dah tertekan mula laa cepat emosi kan?
orang wat hal sikit rasa cam sakit hati
tengok orang manja2 ngan family teringat dah lama tak balik..

tapi nasib laa aku leh kawal lagi amarah ku..hihi
pendam dalam2..sbb bagi aku orang yang kuat ialah bila marah dia bersabar..

hal keje ni plak..aku blum pandai lagi nak "switch off" bab keje bila balik umah..
mesti teringat-ingat ..
selagi tak siap..lagi tu aku duk ingat-ingat..
pastuh mula laa takleh tidur

anyway..ptg ni ada lawatan kerja ke Johor..yeay..
jalan2..harap aku leh de-stress..

*nasi lemak+ayam goreng rempah+mini burger+teh tarik+nescafe for breakfast today

Friday, July 14, 2006


hallo again

woww..akhirnya dapat gak luangkan masa menulis..
akhirnya berakhir juga kursus dpa..
terasa cepat pulak masa berlalu...especially when we are having a good time..
dah seminggu lebih dah checked out from INTAN
back in the office.. "welcome back " said most of the staff..
"welcome home" said some..
duhh..must we make our office feel like home..maybe..
since dah abih kursus..bermula laa cabaran sebenar..aritu baru kasi sikit2..
kali ni bagi kerja real punya..
bertanding balik lewat lak gayanya kiterang..
"sapa kate keje gomen bleh balik awal??"kate member aku..hehehe
aku no komen..dah situ rezeki ko..buat laa sehabis baik..yer dakk..

byk nak sambung cite sal dpa..nanti leh start "DPA da flash back"..

to those who make my life in INTAN..

thanx a lot... esp syikin dan abj nya

and also to those who make it
thanx also

cause everything and every moment is MEANINGFUL and MEMORABLE
esp 300++ wonderful friends who are like brothers and sisters!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

khabar dari DPA II

I was scanning the pics we took during the army modul..so sambil2 tu kita citer2 yer..

Image hosting by Photobucket
location:Pusat latihan tempur tentera darat, Ulu Tiram, Johor
duration:1 week

Modul tentera ini merupakan salah satu daripada modul-modul yang entah berapa dalam DPA and i was told this was among the toughest selain dari OBS(outbound school lumut..aku cuak gak yang nih..kat laut beb..gerun..). So pada pagi ahad yang bersejarah itu berkumpullah kiterang 2 sidang..satu akan ke modul polis dan satu ke modul tentera kat depan auditorium pepagi about 8am. maka bergemalah lagu Negaraku dan lagu rasmi DPA dgn penuh semangat(dalam hati excited tapi berdebar tak ingatnye lah..). Kat dalam bas punyalah semua melayan perasaan..sebab masing2 dah dgr bermacam citer yang 'menggerunkan' pasal modul tentera nih. sampai di pulada around 2 terus derang bawak pi mess utk lunch.Obviouslly i have no comment bout food throughout the stay.It was great.bila dibawa ke padang kawad lak dah nampak tentera2 ni dah tunggu2 kiterang (adeh cuak2..takut gak..maunya garang2). They were introduced to us as our instructors..dari pelbagai pangkat..and after that they distributed the kelengkapan yg kiterang perlukan like bags,mess tin etc.After futher instruction berlari-larilah kiterang dgn beg2 ke dormitory utk bersiap ke aktiviti seterusnya..hehe..bermula hidup kami sbg tentera walaupun what we were about to experience is just i would say merely 5-10 % of what the army faced in their services.
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I will only highlight those experience that i found interesting or teach me something.I can't tell all here .It will spoilt the suprises for those who is going for it in a few days ahead hehe.

i will never ever forget this.It was kinda guling2 ala hindustan but from a rugby goalpost to another end.I would say it was about 100 m. (belum buat ..rasa cam gilerr..tapi bila dah buat..I sure learnt something..)Bila dah sampai hujung i was trying to stand up and i saw the goalpost turn upsidedown...semua isi perut keluar..hampir semua org berjaya 'mencuci perut' masing..and the blues stayed on till the next morning..kuat giler penangan sideroll..

trak 3 tan
Inilah pengangkutan kiterang sepanjang kat situ ..ada 1 insiden..a girl tersalah 'mendarat' dgn satu kaki waktu terjun trak menyebab dia dihantar pulang..otot terkoyak or something i'm not sure..but after a few up n down the truck, we the girls surely dh sendirinye expert naik turun although when we were wearing our heels n baju kurung especially during night lectures.

Ini adalah senjata yang mana kami diajar cara2 membuka,mencuci dan menggunakan dengan betul..malah seharian bersama-samanya..kemana sahaja.. semasa bermalam di dalam hutan untuk misi 'ambush'. Seberat 2.9kg ..well it was heavy enough for me..mengigil2 waktu menembak secara berdiri kat lapang sasar..abih ntah kemana aku tembak..tapi kalau meniarap it was a bit easy ..maybe because you can rest your elbow atas tanah..well cara meniarap and berdiri pun ada teknik2 tertentu.. I got only 9/20 oklaa for beginner kan?. .

pumping n squat jump
this two were like biasa ajer.. apahal sikit mesti kena..either sebagai denda atau exercise.no complaints..it was good untuk kekuatan tangan dan kaki..hehe

a day in the woods(byk aktiviti time nih)
Kiterang bermalam satu malam di hutan..sebelum itu waktu petangnya ada pelbagai briefing kiterang dapat dari pelbagai kor yang ada dalam tentera..pasal anjing perang..cara survival dihutan(apaleh mkn takleh makan)..permasalahan ibadat semasa perang(paling interesting fasal sembahyang sambil berjalan n ambik wuduk tanpa bukak boots) ..explosives n flares..macam2 lagilah even they hidang to us..ular,biawak,ayam hutan and ubi ..seme dibakar n ada yang dibuat sup masak dlm buluh..also air tongkat ali and air kembang semangkuk.(yang mana tak was-was tu rasalah all that..aku pegang2 jer..niat nk merasa tapi huhu takle aa..mkn ayam ubi n air tu jer..very refreshing)

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and during the night kiterang ada kunun2 misi ambush it was about midnight..2 jam beb meniarap kat lam semak tepi jln yng dikatakan kunun2 kalu zaman komunis laluan derang la..we all meniarap..aiming the gun..trying hard not to think bout the nyamuks and the merayap2 thing or dozz off..it was dark..you only saw shadows coz bulan terang..tunggu arahan ..and when we saw kelibat orang..and heard the orders..tumm!!gunshots break the silence ..huhu cam movie laks..alaa peluru kapur jer..

back to our camp..we set it up before it was dark..and it look like the army campsite..like what we saw in sarjan hassan movie..huhu not the same camping style that we had in bukit cherakah before..btul2 rasa cam lam filem sarjan hassan laks..dahlaa asyik duk pikul senjata kesana kemari.

anikulasi tempur (not sure if the term was correct)
this was the only time we surely feel the real situation of warzone or medan tempur.. we had to crawl dr kubu. and they all shot life bullet..toing2 right above ur head..tak brani eden nk ngangkat kapla..apalagi buntut..kih kih.. tak cukup dibomnyalagi..memancut air dr kolam sebelah membanjiri we all who were trying hard to crawl as fast as we can..we were so down on the ground that i could feel the ground shaking when the explosives went off. abih seme yang mana luka2 kat siku..lebam kat lutut..tak heran dah yang penting need to crawl till the end..menistis airmata sekalipun..

Well actually ada banyak lagi..in fact seme exercise yang dibuat sememang nya betul2 membuka mata kami kepada perkhidmatan anggota tentera..i mean really it opened our eyes..Before this we only heard stories..saw the demos..saw military from the outside..but now at least we had the glimpse of what they did..how they become who they are..and the rationale for what they had to do..It gave us the opportunity to feel what might be what they felt..

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gunung panti yang kiterang daki..

after one week experience as army personnel..i would only say these..

the sickness..
the exhausted moments..
the wounds..
the countless tears..
the sweat..
the falls..
the smells..
We took it as souvenirs from pulada

but what we will remember the most are
the shared story..
the skills taught..
the lessons learnt..
the friendships..
the experience once in a lifetime..

and we will miss
the laughters..
the jokes..

the celoreng..
the m16..
gunung panti..
the pumping and squat jumps...n of course the trucks..huhu

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thank you to all the instructors n pulada..
only god shall pay your contribution

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Khabar dari DPA

I've said i'll try to post sumthing while i'm away.. hehe
so here it goes..

kursus DPA mula 3 januari..pendaftaran cam biasa..except for this one it started so early in the morning..8.30 am unlike PAC or even lapor diri where you have a longer time to register which was till 11 am.Well it seems that everyone was either on time or early..hehe because when we (syikin, mid n me) arrived, the parking was already full of cars.The best part is after the registration we r not allowed to bring our cars up( I mean up the hill...that's why they call it mont kiara..memang berbukit2 pun..haha) to the hostel..only the official INTAN buses are allowed..so apalagi..angkut beb..segala tong peti kayu besi ( i mean the bags..exaggerating skit..)seme angkut naik bas.. sampai laa kat atas ..mahligaiku selama 6 bulan ini..huhu..

yang berat ditarik..
yang bertali dipikul..
yang ringan dibimbit..
yang kecil dimasuk poket..hehe
itulah ibaratnya gaya semua orang menyelesaikan masalah luggage utk dibawa kebilik masing2..5 tingkat beb..

yang pasti all of us have to get ready ..coz after lunch we all will went for a trip(trip ke..cam camping jer) to taman pertanian bt cahaya..or senangnye kat bt cherakah..
(yeehaa..dalam ati rasa cam best gak..dh lama tak camping..last was like 4 -5 yrs ago) sampai jer sana..ati aku lega..khemah dah siap2 pasang upanya..baguslah..kalu dipikir2 jenuh gak nk pasang khemah b4 gelap since sampai sana pun dh ptg..kalu terrer takpe gak.. maka bermula laa episod masak2.. actually b4 bertolak kiterang sme dh dibagi2 grup ..n ahli khemah memasing..ada laa ketua2 n ajk2 nyer..
every grup was given several mess tin (betul ke ejaan aku nih?..help anyone..) ,vegetables.., marinated fishes and several either items for cooking..
maka berusahalah kiterang menghidupkan api dalam keadaan tanah yang agak lembap..siaplaa sayur campur .. n ikan bakar.. tapi seme dikumpulkan dekat 'centralised kitchen' ...maka bercampurlah masakan kiterang dgn masakan grup2 lain...itulah makanan kiterang dinner..best jugak..walaupun masak ala2 'campak2 tuang kacau' hehe
malam tuh pas dinner adalaa persembahan skit every grup..biaselaa.. right b4 midnight bermulalah cabaran pertama.."nightwalk into the woods" huhu ..aku dah pernah kena sekali waktu sekolah..sengsorang..
this time in grup ramai2 kurang skit rasa takut tuh..lagipun bulan yg cerah..btul2 macam memahami hati aku..haha
sesuai dgn nama modul n objektifnya utk pembentukan kumpulan ..nightwalk betul memenuhi kehendak modul..
ia memberi peserta ruang ice breaking..
yer laa walaupun dah kenal..tapi jarak masa 3 bulan tak bersua.. sudah sifat manusia mudah lupa..
sifat bantu-membantu was really crucial
.. in darkness ..you really have to depends to those in front of you to give guidance and help you through..
sentiasa ingat kawan dibelakang...
percaya pada ketua
..seriously ..dalam masa nightwalk tu..you really give your full trust to the leader..waktu itu jalan hanya di guide dgn tali..if ur leader tarsasar dari tali..tersasar jugalaa kita2 yang kat belakang tuh..
pengorbanan pemimpin..
sesiapa yang jadi leader kumpulan pada malam itu mmg mencabar..sudahlaa tanggungjawab besar bawak anak2 buah supaya tak tersesat..ketua juga adalah yang didepan sekali..dialah orang yang pertama yang akan tersepak tunggul dan jatuh..atau terkena pokok berduri..atau terjerlus dalam lumpur atau perlu memanjat tanah licinn...sebelum amaran diberikan kepada ahli2 dibelakang.. kita di belakang selamat..sempat melangkah tunggul..mengelak pokok berduri..atau ditarik ketika tanah tinggi licin.. terima kasih ketua..hehe
selain itu..ada kaitan dengan komunikasi..
dalam konteks ini satu cabang komunikasi telah hilang..sbb anda tidak dpt melihat..gelap.. so you will use ur other senses.. you will listen carefully for instructions( like "depan ada tunggul.. papan titi belah kanan ada lubang"), you touch (pegang2 tali..) ..smells..(selagi ada bau perfume member kt depan..ok laa tu) dan lain2..

itu antara summary yg aku dpt dari resolusi atau post mortem aktiviti itu keesokkannya..hehe
but the best thing i learnt is
when we are in a group,
there will always be somebody for you to rely on..
when you fall ..there will be hands to pull you up..
when you can't see..there'll be hand holding yours to the right path ..

sehari semalam jer kat bt cherakah esoknya..dah balik mahligai dah..n bermula laa sesi akademik(malaslaa nak citer modul akademik bende bese..lecture assignement..exam cuma the thing that you learn is different).. kemudian raya haji(first time raya aku tak balik woo)..kemudian sesi akademik lagi..sebelum sidang ku( dh terbubar grup kt cherakah..we all dibagi 4 grup..called sidang) berangkat ke modul tentera..among the toughest modul..

nantilaa aku cite..esok..ngantuk plak..

Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year!!!

received a lot of new year messages..thanx to all..happy new year to you too!!

among the messages..

earliest at 7.24 pm 31st dec from micai
before d lines get jammed tonite, i'd better wish u a happy new yr now! May all ur resolutions be fulfilled n not be brought fwd d following yr..Cheers :

at 10 43 pm 31st dec from rem
Selamat tahun br 2006.May this incoming new year will be better than b4 and may all dream comes true.

!st Jan 2006

from fisya
27 28 29 30 31 /*****Bang***** Happy new year 2006 *****/

from dila
before the year ends..before the battery goes dead..before the operators are busy..before the sms get jammed..Wish u all the best & BLESSED NEW YEAR 2006!!!

from kak nas
kak nas ucap selamat tahun baru moga 2006 memberi kebahagian

from wan
pantun cina :)
hali busat sula mali..beli alak satu loli..satu tawun satu kali..wa ada mikin silap ini tahun..wa vely soli..

the message yang aku rasa paling best is..

from midi
We happen to remember that we'r older n wiser, n should do better from 2moro onwards.The exact thing we should do every day anyway.Happy 2006.Space n time are not absolutes

aku dh nak fly back to kl this evening..huhu..enough of speedy internet connection..haha..esok dh masuk dpa..
see ya!!