Friday, October 20, 2006

a journey from alamanda last night

semalam ada kawan beritahu aku 'sesuatu'
i was kinda expecting it ..
since we hv talk about something related before that
which lead to her telling me that news..
she heard bout it for days but didn't have the guts to tell me..
she said she was sad and 'kesian'kan aku..
but when she told me..i just smile and laugh ..
although i feel like i was faking it.
The truth is i don't know what i should feel..
I'm not sad..duhh..
mungkin sedikit terkilan..sigh my kawan..
thanks for finally breaking the news to me..
but please don't hesitate to tell me anything in the future..
especially if it is something regarding this..
whatever it is.. however you may think i will handle it..
good or bad..please..

to my kawan's kawan who told her the news ..
thanks ..heard you also 'tak sampai hati nak cakap'
you even adviced my kawan to wait for the right moment to tell me..haha

but i really wanna say thank you for your concern..

I think my grammar went terribly wrong in this post..

weng weng..

by the way ptg ni ..buka puasa besar-besaran with the gang..
since this is our last buka puasa together..
at bukit bintang..yee haa..
lobster...arghh...nyum nyum..
eating is just a yummy way to mend a broken heart hahaha...


oren said...

whateve it is... maintain cool gal

Anonymous said...

hmm...ape yang terjadi?....