Monday, November 20, 2006

funny how time flies (when you are having fun) ...
janet jackson sang that song..which i do agree..
but i must add ..time also flies when you have so much things to do..
24 hrs seems so limited..haha..

anyway.. my time are fully occupied nowadays ..
full of activities.. including weekends..
which were full of attending open houses and kenduris
and my schedule till end of month seems well...hmm..
an open house after open house.. which i love.. especially the food..
a kenduri after kenduri.. which i enjoy as it always mean the reunion of the gang..

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open house at aimi's place

thank you for those who has invited me..or my friends ( it means i can tag along..kate open house kan..)
thank you for those who 'sudi menumpangkan aku' n drive me there..
tumpangkan laa lagi..

ok enough ..

i know ..i know..
i promise the story about the labuan trip.. wait aa..
on the way..~~


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