Monday, November 20, 2006


I was left alone ..the only officer of the unit today..
the rest went made me kelam kabut..I think i'm the only one felt kelam kabut although people didn't seems to see me kelam kabut. The staff seems to have the best time of their life..(yerlaa ..setakat aku nih.hhehe)

and know what..I need to bring up the paper for approval from the big boss..
gee... thank god that the bodyguard and PA gimme full cooperation bout the big boss whereabout..
make my job easier.....
don't really have the mood to "kejar-mengejar ..especially when you hv to do it ALONE
..and in the afternoon big boss start calling me.. suddenlly he call me azlina..haha anything boss.."azlina pun azlina lah..janji you are satisfied with paper and sign it." ...everything was done before 5.. sigh..

so now i'm just browsing around..trying to finish up the labuan story..but don't really have the mood..
so start bloghopping..and ..

I quote this from snubnosse's blog ..

"yakinkan aku tuhan, dia bukan milikku"


p/s: this snubby really have a stint in writing and story telling..

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