Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year!!!

received a lot of new year messages..thanx to all..happy new year to you too!!

among the messages..

earliest at 7.24 pm 31st dec from micai
before d lines get jammed tonite, i'd better wish u a happy new yr now! May all ur resolutions be fulfilled n not be brought fwd d following yr..Cheers :

at 10 43 pm 31st dec from rem
Selamat tahun br 2006.May this incoming new year will be better than b4 and may all dream comes true.

!st Jan 2006

from fisya
27 28 29 30 31 /*****Bang***** Happy new year 2006 *****/

from dila
before the year ends..before the battery goes dead..before the operators are busy..before the sms get jammed..Wish u all the best & BLESSED NEW YEAR 2006!!!

from kak nas
kak nas ucap selamat tahun baru moga 2006 memberi kebahagian

from wan
pantun cina :)
hali busat sula mali..beli alak satu loli..satu tawun satu kali..wa ada mikin silap ini tahun..wa vely soli..

the message yang aku rasa paling best is..

from midi
We happen to remember that we'r older n wiser, n should do better from 2moro onwards.The exact thing we should do every day anyway.Happy 2006.Space n time are not absolutes

aku dh nak fly back to kl this evening..huhu..enough of speedy internet connection..haha..esok dh masuk dpa..
see ya!!

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