Thursday, November 15, 2007

We had a tour after breakfast. We went to a camel breeding farm and the Hudaibiah village.The farm was about 45 minutes from the city. Out in the middle of the desert we could see the breeding farm.. So many camels( ter-excited plak..sadly my mum left the camera in her luggage ..fufu...but still i had a pic of me with baby camel using my bro's cam.) I even had a taste of camel's milk.. it was sold for 5 Riyals a bottle and it taste like coconut milk shake. eheh Those pakcik n makcik was impressed that me n my brother could drink it despite the smell of the Unta.. well it was nice and suppose to be good for health.haha..

Not far from the farm is the Hudaibiah village..not much to be seen though just houses. We stopped at the mosque to wear our ihram and pray. Behind the mosque is a ruined old building which was said to be where the treaty of Hudaibiah being held. The treaty was between Rasul and The Quraisy to end the war and enable the Muslims from Madinah to enter Mekah for hajj which happened on the year 6 A.H.

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medcham CK said...

i envy you, sis.. bile la aku nak pegi..