Thursday, November 15, 2007

On the second day .. we had another tour right after breakfast.. We went to Jabat tsur, Arafah, Mina and Jaaranah Mosque for ihram.

Jabal tsur was situated not far from town.It was surrounded by buildings and houses.The cave was 500 metres up and it took about 2 hours to reach it. This is where The Prophet and his close companion, Abu Bakr went for hiding before Hijrah to Madinah. (The sun was so bright ,the pic wasn't very good..sorry).. Just imagine how Asmak the daughter of Abu Bakr went up and down the hill everyday to send food. And it was said that during the time, she was pregnant.. Subhanallah..

According to history, another miracle happened. When the enemies was in front of the cave, they found a spider web covering the cave and a pigeon nest with eggs at the side.The condition was as if no one had entered the cave for a long time.That shows how Allah will took care those He love, and those who pray to Him.

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