Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We boarded the flight MH 150 at 3.00 sumthing pm on Saturday 3rd November. It was an 8 hrs journey. We had to wear our ihram when we were already halfway through the flight as it passed the miqat since we would immediatelly took the bus to Mekah from the airport.


The Ihram garments for men consists of two pieces of white sheet. Wrap the larger sheet around your waist to cover your body from the navel to the ankles. Secure the Ihram either with a belt or by a strip of fabric torn from Ihram material. Drape the other sheet over the back and shoulders and wear a pair of stitched or unstitched sandals or shoes which do not cover the ankles. The head should not be covered, and no underwear should be used. The Ihram should preferably be white.Women are allowed to make Ihram in any dress they wish which fulfills the Islamic conditions of public dress, regardless of the color. Women's hands and face should be uncovered in Ihram. Their heads should be covered.

a Muhrim (someone who is in state of Ihram) must observe certain obligations and prohibitions. These are:
- Keep your head uncovered at all times. Women should keep their heads covered
- Do not shave, cut your hair, clip your nails, use perfume, or wear sewn clothes of any kind
- Do not perform marriage or get married yourself
- Do not kill an animal of any kind for any reason, unless it poses a danger to you and to the others.
- Do not enter into conjugal relations with your spouse. Avoid suggestive and provocative talk or gestures and remain focused on Hajj

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