Friday, November 16, 2007

On the second day in Madinah, we had a tour in the morning. We went to Masjid Quba' which is the first mosque built by Rasulullah.We also went to Masjid Qiblatain, a dates (kurma) plantation and also the dates market.

We left Mekah at 2pm and arrived in Madinah nearllt at 9pm. After dinner, we hurried to the prophet's mosque (Masjid Nabawi) for jamak maghrib n isya' .The mosque was closed at 11 pm.

The next day was the last day we were in Mekah. After subuh and breakfast, we brought down all the luggages to the buses and went for a round in the town. After dzuhur we perform the tawaf wida' (farewell). As the ustaz was reciting the doa after the tawaf, I felt very sad.. I cried and cried..I couldn''t help crying while performing the solat sunat after.

Tuhan janganlah ziarah ini menjadi kali yang terakhir.. Limpahkan rahmat-Mu..Ampunkan dosaku.. Semoga aku dikurniakan rezeki dan sihat tubuh badan serta fikiran untuk kembali sujud di rumah-Mu ini.

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