Friday, November 16, 2007

Finally we arrived at masjid Jaaranah to wear ihram as we would perform our umrah again when we were back in Mekah.

On the way to Jaa'ranah after visiting Arafah, we passed the area of Mina, where the pilgrimage will gather stones to throw at Jamrahs. As you can see in the pic, the tents for hajj have already being put up. They are all ready to welcome Hajj end of this month. In the background is four new building(the brown building) under construction which are actually hotels and in 10 years time hotels will replace the usage of tents.

Padang Arafah
far as eyes can see..once before a desert full of trees..
hajj season is just aroung the corner..For mass gathering will be here for sure..
all the people from all four courners of the world..

bagaimana agaknya di padang mahsyar nanti?

Jabal rahmah (means love, kasih sayang) is situated in Arafah. This hill and the monument was built to as rememberance of where adam and eve met after being overthrown from heaven.The ustaz said anyone who prays for Allah to give him or her a "teman hidup" here..insyaAllah(ehem) ..It was quite tiring mounting the steps up..but the view was breathtaking..

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