Friday, December 19, 2008

When first will not be the last

For the first time since i have started working, I bring my work home today.
It was for the first time also I have to make a composition explaining the law related to my work.
and for the first time too it has to be in English so for the first time I went to the Library at level 2 to borrow the law book (I already have the Malay version but it was hard to translate it literally and I was afraid that i made mistakes on law jargons so it was best to just simply get the English version)

Back at home for the first time i borrowed pirate's lappy
and for the first time also i am online from my dining table at home using pirate's wifi huhu..
The advantages of having him as neighbour. hehe

Owh one more thing
I met second deputy minister face to face for the first time today..spent nearly half an hour with him explaining all the cases alone.. and i didn't feel nervous at all.. woww... accomplishment..hehe. I was really comfortable..thank u dato'.


Anonymous said...

tu br jadi neighbour.belum lagi jadi housemate.. hehehehe...

good that u have overcome your nervousness..

Iron Butterfly said...

eceyceycey.. sani, tak sabar nampak! ;p

Farah Wahidda said...

keke..tu la psal. tak sabar la en sani ni. hehe..