Monday, December 15, 2008


Firdaus and Siti Balqis

I've been waiting to meet this two babies..
Syikin's (or known as SyikinBaik by fellow PTD 105ers) precious twins.YeaY!!
and it's a girl and a boy. YeaY!YeaY!..
(erk.. aku pulak terlebih teruja..tak ramai oo dapat kembar..lagi-lagi first born)

Syikin gave birth in Terengganu at her in-laws so it was only yesterday that i got to meet her and the babies.Pirates and I took the chance to visit her since she's back in Sg.Siput and also attended her sister's (Huda) wedding. By the way Huda married our friend, Hatta.What a small world.Owh I also met Mel, our UTP friend at the wedding..hehe.

Mel n me

It must be such a challenge for Syikin n hubby. For a first time mother, one would be challenged enough with a baby what more two babies. hehe.. Anyway the mother looked happy and radiant despite the chaos of having a wedding and little babies at the house.


From Syikin's house, we headed up north to Penang. Pirates and Azra want to search for a shop called WestIslander selling branded and exported shirts. We circled the Komtar area a few times but cannot find the Lebuh Carnarvon. Azra tried his GPS. It was ok for a while but the signal was not very good since it was raining cats and dogs. Finally we managed to find it.

The boys finding ways using GPS ..

It was a small and simple shop. It was having its year end sale..wooho. Pirates got himself 3 shirts in different colours plus matching ties and cuff links and it was only RM180++. cheap huh. Since the shirts are imported so the size available are bigger than the average Asians. Poor Azra. He only got himself a pair cuff links.

We had our dinner at Line Clear. We took the ferry out of the island.Pirates and I headed back to KL while Azra went to his sis house in Butterworth. I arrived home at 2++ am. ZZzzzzzzz.

view from the ferry


Iron Butterfly said...

nok pinje GPS aku ko? aku tok paka mano. ahahah.

Chech said...

Owh, chomelnya anak Syikin!