Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FUN in the SUN

It was Christmas but we didn't celebrate it anyway so my siblings and I planned for a day out. Since Pirates have tickets to A Famosa Waterworld in Malacca so we decided to go there. Time to get wet !! Splash splash. The sun was quite shy that day so it was really fun. We went up the spiralling slides and landed upside down in the water hahaha. No one got drown though.I was screaming my lungs out while we went down the slides..hahaha.. and then woooshh there we went under the water.. hihi.The kids also had fun. Afael didn't even want to come out to eat. and he was really brave ..went up even the adults' slides with his father.. huhu
On the way back we went to my aunties..and stayed there for dinner before heading back to my house.

On the next day and the next were Shopping Spree Days.. hehe. My parents arrived that night so the next morning, Pirates, my mum and I went on shopping at SOGO and textiles stores along that road.Sungguh puas hati bershopping sakan.wee!

Kesimpulannya this long break was all about spending money.. Kaching~~..


Anonymous said...

ya ya.puas hati.. hahaha.. puas jugak kad kredit bertambah.. tp thanx for the suntikan modal.. huhu

Anonymous said...

bestnye bercuti.

nak gi a famosa juga one day. hari tu gi melaka sempat jalan2 kat jonker walk and bandar melaka sahaja.

but it was fun. rasa akan ke melaka lagi nnt.

nolee said...

best cuti.. penat giler..tapi seronok giler .. menghabiskan masa with pirate n family... huhu

jonker walk ada pe Teh?.. byk kali gi melaka tak gi situ pun.. hehe

Anonymous said...

bila nolee kenal teh ni? konpius