Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah..
just checked in the hotel..
the telephone rang..(not my hp)

"room 415?"
"I just want to confirm..are you Miss Tanjung noleelee?"
"ermm.. It is actually Tengku noleelee" and i was holding my laugh
"owh..sorry sorry..that's all Miss.. thank you"
"welcome" and i laughed and laughed..

told about this to Puan,my boss during breakfast
and she laughed..

p/s: never ever put any acronym for your name..esp TG. :P)


Farah Wahidda said...

hahaha...sabar je laa org tu. gile kurang membaca, general knowledge tu. takkan laa nama org tg jd tanjung. hahaha

Iron Butterfly said...

that's why insist they spell my surname in full =)

sebab maso skoloh when we were taught about short forms tg. stands for tanjung while kg. for kampung. huehue..

banji said...

:) ade jugak kes mcm ni. sabar lah ye

Anonymous said...

mase aku kat indon kawan aku sorang nie same gak kena. name tengku safuan. tulis tg safuan. nak lepas kastam tu dier jerit nama setiap sorang, amik pasport, blah. sampai turn dier, satu dewan dengar orang kastam tu jeit nama dier "TANJUNG safuan" huhuhu ... sakit perut aku gelak!