Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 years ago

today marked the second year of me being in this service.Thanx to pirate who reminded me about that..even he was reminded by ecah huuhhuu..cepatnya..

Through out the years i've gained bunch of friends.. a lot of lessons learned..
about law of of life..

pada tarikh ini 2 tahun yang lepas , saya telah melaporkan diri ke INTAN wilayah selatan (IKHWAS) di Kluang Johor.Penuh debaran.. and excitement..quite a relief bacause i knew i would meet a few familiar faces such as syikin n puteh from university..and shahida whom i knew while completing my industrial training in PETRONAS Gas Berhad Kerteh.

a week in Kluang..was more of familiarisation course but it was called PTD Unggul..and guess what Kluang was having a water supply we were not allowed to wash clothes in the hostel..everything must be sent for laundry services.

I didn't know what to expect..coz this is my first job..naive..yes I was..
but i would say it was an advantages too.. since i hv nothing to compare..
I just accepted the service as it is..the long hours..the heavy workload..the free time..the minum pagi..the pay increase..the jerks i've met..the nice guys..the best bossess
everything..I accepted it as it is..

It is not as glamourous as it may seems..this services is not merely the stepping stone of being 'duta' to overseas..that is the misunderstanding many people have about have about this service..hmm..
when you are posted to any ministry..your designation will be.. "Penolong Setiausaha".. Assistant Secretary..a friend ask me once " kenapa Setiausaha nak kene ada penolong?".
Another friend asked" Setiausaha tu pembantu boss..hang lagi bawah dari setiausaha?"
hmm.. susah nak explain..
tapi kalu anda di jabatan-jabatan..nampak gah.."Penolong pengarah.."wuhuhuhu

tiada masalah siapa hebat..siapa handal..siapa lebih pakar..siapa lebih cakap..yang penting semua demi negara..untuk kepentingan rakyat..
niat harus betul..

ape-apelah..yang penting..


ps: kak chech put some DPA pics in her blog..I like..I like.. can u find me in those pics?? hehe..go n see it here

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