Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cucuk la ..bukan susuk..

I did acupunture today..

this lady came in our office and we sort of gathered in my boss office .
She checked my pulse and tongue..
She said i was always tired.. true
she said i always have headache...true
she said my heart was a little weak....maybes
he said my kidney also a bit weak...maybe
she said i have a low blood..think it is true..

so she put the needles..
8 altogether..
1 at my left wrist..
1 at my right wrist..
3 at my left leg..
and another 3 at my right leg..

how I feel?
"macam sengal-sengal kat kaki"
"hujung jari pun rasa sejuk-sejuk"

One of my staff passed out
maybe there are a lot of illnesses that she had..
or maybe because she was so scared of needles..
or maybe because of the cold..but after a while she was fine..

Some had needle at their stomach..
some had them on their legs..
some had it on their heads..
treating all kind of illnesses they individually had..

I might try it again next friday..
Might try reflexology too..

p.s: fear was just a feeling to embrace.. not a hindrance.. :D

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