Tuesday, September 04, 2007

on duty -ii-

After a long weekend..
I was at the parliament yesterday..

Members of parliament (MP) raised several issues ..
-student relation
and others..

duty in parliament actually was quite fun..despite having to meet all the who's who in our political scene..it also means that i could meet several other officers from various ministries and other departments.

We had a good laugh watching our MPs arguing with each other about certain issues..(gelak..gelak jugak..karang terlepas plak isu yang untuk perhatian..hehe) and also had a nice chat and a change of opinion with other officers.. even my name.. the 'TG' also has been one of the topic for our discussion over coffee time there..huh ..jadi bahan lak aku ni..


Iron Butterfly said...

someone asked me nok dok jadi researcher/speechwriter for this particular ministry.. hhmmm...

dikazzz said...

wow! sounds menarik la! ^_^