Friday, March 23, 2007

u r not alone

"Cukuplah Allah bagiku, tidak ada Tuhan selain drNya.
Hanya kepadaNya aku bertawakkal. "
-Surah At-Taubah,ayat 129

ever had a feeling like being left alone??
no one to turn to??

deng..trying to get rid those feeling ..
i still had many friends around what??..
my pama just a phone call away what??

and the staff in the office kept asking me over n over..
twice yesterday.. once the day before..and another just now..
"Cik nolee..awat muka"
huhh.. yea..I was quite happy go lucky..
I like to go around in the office chit chatting with everyone..
I didn't realise that they can actually 'detect' the slight change in my mood..
even I ..didn't realise it..
I thought I was my usual self..

what happen really?..
I dunno..
weng..bengong bengong..

never mind..tommorrow is saturday..
going to have a nice heavy breakfast..
and a good rest and some good reading!!

urs truly need some retail therapy..anyone wanna accompany me to a shopping spree??????

1 comment:

shahzere said...

u r so not alone la nolee... but there is certain time we just want time alone, only by ourself...those time to let us think and thank God and everyone, for always being by us...takecare..