Monday, March 19, 2007

it's a wonderful world

Yesterday was such a wonderful day ..
with a lunch and a dinner date with several long-time-no-see friends.

lunch with these few "the most busiest people"..hehe..
suddenly you hv some work in bangi eh?..
anyway nice to see y'all bro..

and dinner with primary school friends ..
Updating each other with our lives and other friends lives..
who has been married..who already hv sons and daughters..
who is getting married soon..engaged..bla bla bla..
and the cepumas Q again.."so when is urs??" ..
"what ?" i asked..wanna avoid it actually.. "you know".. "insyaAllah"

then a friend suddenly blurted ..
" my friend ask me to introduce someone to him..and i only hv you in mind.."
uhuk uhuk uhuk...terseedak sedak akak..sib baik tak ramai org kat kedai tu semlm.
nasib baik masih di bawah kawalan..sempat lagi telan roti canai tu..jeng btul..
dunno what i should said to my dear friend i just smile...
watever dear..I know you meant well..
haha..we'll see..

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this was last Langkawi.. FUN in da SUN!!

Where the path of life leads..I just stride along..
where the river flows..I just row my boat..
for everything have been Allah the alMighty.

:D as usual it's monday blues..

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