Tuesday, March 06, 2007

lagi cerita makan..

Semalam aku buat rekod diri sendiri..
mengunjungi 3 kedai makan dalam masa 4 jam...

6.30 pm:
as usual balik dari ofis..aku n ain singgah makan di kedai mamak dekat rumah..
both of us had maggi goreng n drink..

around 9pm:
we went out again temankan syikin dinner..
this time dkt Restoran Balang..
i had keropok n roti pisang..plus drink..

around 10.30:
as we were on our way home..
abg zzz and his wife want to meet us at Restoren YUss..
so we went there.. i had teh tarik..
and a nice chit chat with the newly wed couple..
also receive a call from "the most busiest people" i've known so far..haha..
call dari ofis lak tuh.. :p

was back at home around midnight ..(cewah gaya cam weekend) ..

this morning ..i arrived in the office earlier than usual..
the staff was quite suprise..
they tought there were urgent files need to be settled today..hehe
nope dear..saje-saje jer..

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