Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blood+Sweat= Victory?

"Bukan ketakutan yang ada pada mereka
cuma kegelisahan kerana berwaspada pada segala kemungkinan."

Watched "300" with the gang last night..

Thick red blood splashing..
a wall of bodies piled up..
head cut off from the body..
killing .. mercilessly..

The spartan..
they were all ready to die..
they were born to fight..
They were destined to be a warior..
and they long for dying in war.. the beautiful death..

but what i admired the most is..
the calmness and wisdom of the King Leonidas..
the loyalty, determination and the courage that the "300" warrior had..
the cool war strategies they used..

They were tough..and smart..
despite the small numbers of warriors..
they were winning..
but traitors made them fall..
with pride and honour of course..
till the last breath..
fighting for their country and freedom..

and now I am having my second caffeine-fix to fight the drowsiness of my sleepy head..hehehe


ChaneY said...

sowie.. aku baru perasan yang aku dah lama tak bukak blog orang lain.. apetah lagi nak update blog aku... looks like dah macam2 aku terlepas lately... :x

Anonymous said...

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