Monday, March 19, 2007

i've been tagged

alaa sufi tagged aku ..
6 weirdos...byk tuh...
let's see if i can come up with 6 things i did or experience
which is weird..

1. hmm.. aku tidak pernah berambut panjang..ala-ala puntianak tu..the longest.. perhaps just a slight pass the shoulder..considering that i am a girl..i think that's weird hairstyle during schooldays were always a boy..Once upon a time ( i think I was 9 yrs old) I had beenmistaken as the other son my father never have..eheh

2. Kalu sufi terus ngantuk lepas mandi..sebaliknya aku akan gatal-gatal selepas mandi..most of the time..lagi bersabun sakan..lagi aku gatal..It may because of the clorine content ..or it was just my sensitive skin.. hmm..

3. It was hard for me to marah-marah people.. although first impression people always tought that i was garang...but please ..don't even try to make me angry.. only god knows what I would do..

4. I always love to watch music n singing shows..on tv or live..but I've never been to a real concert..and i don't intend to.. i hate crowded places..

5. I have an elder bro, an elder sis, a younger bro, and a youngest sis.complete. Is that weird enough..? or rather blessed?..

6. As most people know that I like singing.. I even sang for competition during younger days.. and of course once during DPA.. but guess what..I've NEVER sang or actually performing solo in front of my parents..segan akak..nak nyanyi depan parents..ntah taktau nape..depan org ntah sape-sape boleh pulak ek..hehe

dah..cukup kot 6....

nk tagged saper yer..takde sape2 bleh?

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thinking far away..(me at the TRADERS hotel KLCC.)

I discovered something while thinking what makes me weird..

I found several weaknesses.. some are big weaknesses..
I would rather keep it to myself..
I need to come up with a grand make over to overcome them
for I'll try to change my self..for the better of course..

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