Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lompat si katak lompat

Leap year!!!

This day only comes once every 4 years. and today I decided to wear contact lenses to work and a dark brown saree modern kurung. Not a typical me at work. Many did notice and they said I look good. hehe..perasan gtu. It did some major lift on my self esteem and the mood so I manage to get many things done today.


Oh yesterday I was at the high court again. This time for a civil case. Just there for tendering documents on behalf of my employer. But at the end they settled it out of court. Ok. Tak perlulah I masuk kandang saksi itu.
Last time sometime early this year, I received a subpoena. That time for a criminal case. My first time ever in a court giving statement in front of a judge. And the lawyers also a well known one. Bukan calang-calang orang. Menggigil makcik although they have already kind of told me what they are going to asked. Seeing the accused make me 'gigil' some more. hehe. I make the boss to asked our legal advisor to send one of his man to accompany me, if not I will be lost. I don't know how to behave myself according to court ettiquete and what/what not to say. But it went well. huhu. At least now I  have the experience in both court, criminal and civil. huhu

Oh tommorrow is already March. The new photo challenge is up at fatmumslim. I posted the challenge on the sidebar taken from her website for those who want to follow. It's fun!!! (although I didn't manage to quite follow it)

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