Monday, February 06, 2012



It is actually a hotel designed in an architecture which interpretation of a romantic 16th century village in Alsace, France. Each building has its own different design and name. 

Under the big bridge is a pond where you can find a pair of white swan and a pair of black swans. I would say the main hit among the crowd here are the swans hahahaha. I put the swans picture later. They were quite friendly actually. Maybe they have gotten used to having many people around.

There are many people on that day. There are suppose to be a stage performance at the centre but  no stage performance that particular day though since the stage was prepared for a wedding later that night. There was actually a lion dance performance before we arrived. In conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration.

My husband, his brother and I also tested our shooting skills at the Target shooting range near the swan pond. They used the gun and pallets similar to paintballs and the target is old bowling pins and gas barrel. Oh last time I went shooting during our dept shooting tounament in Langkawi a few years back.

 If you planned to stay here I would say a day or two would be enough to cover all the activities you can do around here.

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Just want to know how to get there by bus from kuala lumpur