Thursday, February 02, 2012


Owh it is already February. how fast time flies. and I can't even complete the photo challenge hahaha... and now the February challenge already up on

I would say this month and January are months with the most public holiday of the year perhaps. Since my husband and I didn't have the chance to go  for holiday at end of last year so we decided to go to Port Dickson last weekend, took 2 days leave and manage to stay there till tuesday. Fun. We introduced Irfan to swimming. in the pool and at the beach. He just love it. Everytime the waves come , he will say "Bubbles!!" and giggles. hehehe. He also asked me to put it back if I pick any shell or the small crabs. Pejuang alam sekitar ke takut anak i ni. huhu

And what I love the most is the privacy. Since it was out of the peak season, not a school holiday so there is almost no one there except us. We had the pool just for us most of the time. Huhu.. Tak malu lah I nak berenang ala-ala dugong gitu. huhu.

And back in the office today I was so lemau since tommorow is the last day of work then a long weekend again huhu.

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