Thursday, February 09, 2012

BBQ night

As I mentioned in previous posts, my in laws is here. si last Sunday, we had BBQ night. We invited the neighbours and a few friends to come over.

 I've marinated the chicken the night before with the recipe I found on the net ( Owh you know how I am so "good" in cooking that I need to find recipes for everything ) huhuhu. Budak-budak baru belajar. Bertatih-tatih dulu.

Prepared some coleslaw,garlic bread and Beriani rice (using a marvellous instant paste I found at Giant) boleh tahan sedap. Mother in law made some bergedel (meat pasties) and cucur udang (prawn  pasties). Coleslaw not in the picture, it was still in the fridge at that time.

Irfan seronok bila ramai orang. Lagi pulak my friends and neighbours bring along their kids lagi dia suka.

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