Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Run people run!!!

I am announcing to the world that i am totally stressed out!!
I've become an annoying.. angry n such a cry -baby..
I've no mood to talk furthermore to smile..
I feel like everyone is not appreciating me..
I feel like i am such a pebble in other's shoe..
and the most important thing is I am tired..exhausted

And I have hurt many people since last week, yesterday, today
n will hurt more people for sure ..
tomorrow n the day after n next week till the raya seasons ends

So to all innocent people
beware of ME..
run if u see ME....


Iron Butterfly said...

aderh.. bakpo nih.. teruk sangat ko kijo.. dek pong mugo menteri mu loni dibenci ko rakyat mesia blako tu gak.. hihi.. ggura jah. chill kay..

Anonymous said...

rilek noleee...dae dae....tra focus....insya allah buleh tu...

banji said...

erk.. harapnya dah makin ok

selamat hari raya nolee, maaf zahir batin

Anonymous said...

u've been tag!

Farah Wahidda said...

lumrah idup bekerja. sabar byk2..