Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Banji talked about being zombie trap of working..

dear bro..
i think i'm one of them now.. zombie kampung pisang.. eheh
i answered all the given questions here..
so let's see wether i really am zombie at work..

1) What is it about the job that makes you happy? the freedom, the money, the colleague or the girl/guy you’re eyeing
i would say when i got this job it was merely for the sake of getting a job.. but then.."berkhidmat untuk negara" became a motivation..oh yeah.. the pay is not that bad..with the increment and all.. it was okay.. and the colleagues.. yerp i hv the best team.... we do hate each other as much as we love each one of us.. haha and after a while the b..u..n.. spirit is fading.. more of s..y..m..p.. but now.. i think i work so that i can pay for all the indulgence i can enjoy over the weekend..hahaha

2) When you go back this evening, can you predict what’s your work going to be like tomorrow?
ooo yes.. every detail..it will be pretty much the same of any other working day

3) How’s the boss? friendly? enemy? Do you even have any friends?
boss.. ok.. we can discuss things..friends..wo..i hv plenty...and a few close friends whom i trust tanpa berbelah bagi too..

4) Did you improve when compared to yourself when you first started working? knowledge, experience, attitude, qualification wise?
ermm.. i don't know.. knowledge ..definitelly.. i always thought why didn't i study law before..haha.. well there's alot of lesson-learnt.. sungguh..

5) If you are on leave for 1 months, can somebody else do your job?
woaaahhh.. yes.. my colleague can always take over..we are doing the exact same thing..but he will have to work extra hours and will became a serious caffeine-addict that look like a real zombie in 2 weeks.

6) We work to make money, do you have an emergency fund (at least 6 month of your salary)?6 months?
ermmm.. got some savings but it will burnt out ..with the inflation and high cost of living.. no.. 6 months savings will mengalir laju ke muara..heh..

ermm.. so how banji?
I'm not really a zombie eh?..but i may on the right track of becoming one..
need to do something for a reverse effect..any tips?
kembali ke jalan yang benar..

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banji said...

hehe zombie kampung pisang is beyond repair, I can’t help u with that

On an unrelated note, the questions are actually asked to gauge how well we know our job.

The first question : is to determine whether we are happy with our current job. We need to know this simply because if not we may have worked for the unwillingly. Maybe there’s better job out there that we will love

The second question : It’s very hard to find a job that doesn’t have any repetition at all. So repetition is sometimes unavoidable. But, as long as we know we are now stuck at the same thing, maybe we can try new things just to increase our own exposure and experience.

The third question : the boss is another factor to consider. They should always be looked as the position we are aiming for. Think about it, if we really have a chance to be the boss, then maybe the job is worth our time, if not….

The fourth question : This is an important question. If your resume still look the same after 5 years of working, you really have achieve nothing (career wise)

The fifth question : We can talk all we want, but in the end, we work for money. if we are not able to save money, we need to change. attitude most importantly

Hopefully the question will serve as an eye opener instead of being a gauge to know how much a zombie are you