Monday, January 28, 2008

New crib

this weekend was an exhausted one..
i've moved out of the 4-bedroom house to 5-bedroom house..
I just realised how expensive the transition can be..

never mind.. after all everything is for the comfort of home..
I like spacious and bright rooms..hehe
so i think we kinda very satisfied with our house..
but to completely hv all the equipments and stuff we need..
it will take some time and a lot of money..hehe..
takpe slow slow..the list of things to do and buy are very long..
These 2 days, i sometimes just simply close my eyes and pay..a very no-no

So many funny things happened while moving out and moving in
also many 'kecederaan' juga..
thanks to ecah n pirate.. !


aishah said...

ahah...jariku masih cedera lagi...
thanks to you too! :)

shahidah said...

welcome to the new phase of having a much personal bachelorette pad :)

harap2 korang tak skronik ida dan home no.7 :p

what's the name of the lucky home ?