Friday, January 04, 2008

i am sorry

I'm officially making history today..
breaking into pieces for the first time the office..

sorry..i may hv the biggest ego word can describe..
or just plainly ignorant..maybe..

i'm sorry if i hurt u..i'm wounded too..
and it's hurt..bleed..
for watever reason i am..
alhough it might be me who had cause it..
the point is i am hurt.

so for things to go on as what it is takes time..

pls be patient with me ok?
i need to heal myself..

then we can go out and rock the world like before..
r u still with me?


aishah said...

i feel u sis! i m with u. :)

Iron Butterfly said...

bakpo weih? what happened in the office?

nolee said...

nothing jah.. it's just people being human.. duhhh