Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Azam 2008

tagged by ecah

azam tahun baru

  • berani membuat keputusan although it might hurts..me or others..(i'm 26..dah tua duhh..sampai bila nk being childish ?)
  • beli rumah (yee haa..insyaAllah ada rezeki....)
  • perjanjian komitmen sehingga mati
  • pembelajaran berterusan ( mengenal tuhan, about work, about life)
  • lebih menghargai diri dan perasaan sendiri
  • be a better cook..wahahaha..lol.
  • make mama and papa happy n tersenyum bangga..(this has been my azam all the years ..and it will be as long as i live.)

kenangan pahit.

  • i may have lose faith on some people.. and it still hurts... but never mind.. I can mend my own heart.

pengajaran 2007

  • being misunderstood and misjudge for others' fault and i am still regretting for the fact that i still can't get over it..like macam sampai mati laa aku akan ingat..
  • jealousy can kill u.. seriously.
  • mcm ecah juge..jangan malas...
  • no one will stand for u unless u stand for urself..
  • a friend in need is a friend in deed

pencapaian paling bermakna

being blessed with thousands of things ...

  • ptk
  • umrah.. alhamdulillah.
  • blessed with caring people around...
  • and blessed with u .. who can even sense me crying over the phone no matter how hard i try to fight the tears.. :)

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Iron Butterfly said...

OMG!! Didn't know I was tagged! I never do tags u know. sokmo nok buat alih2 tok buat2.. but i PROMISE i'll do it.

January is a really busy week for me!! But I hope February will be a better blogging month for me. Huehue.