Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You gain some..you lose some..

that is the law of life..

you can't have everything..you have to compromise..
and accept that while you are earning something ..you are sacrifising something..
that is the fact of life..

some may say.. no .. i believe we can still have all the things we want..
i don't think so..
although it may be not that much ..to give you a great impact but..

there must be some little thing you lose in gaining something..
must be..

so in the end..

it is just you..
either you are ready to lose them ..
are you capable to bare the consequences..
are you brave enough to face the heartbreak..
are you strong enough to pick up the pieces and live..
are you ..?

or do I?

p/s II :
Banji's blog..Immortal.. received an award..Bravo bro..
tetiba teringat hikayat si gajah merah dan drama maghrib..haha..
the blog really am something (I've put the link on the sidebar)..
and for you to received that award must be very exciting..
you are new to blog scene is one thing..but to blog with a focus,purpose,full of wisdom and appreciation of others is another..
Banji was a senior i've got to know tru the chatting madness in UTP ( i still think the UTP channels... do give a great benefit of networking for UTPians.).. selalu berbalas pantun..but i can't never beat yours..salute .. ahli bahasa pujangga yg berjaya..haha
and again..congratulations!


Wan Faziatul Amira said...

Tak depun link banji kat sebelah?? atau mate aku yang spero?/

Banji said...

thanx nolee for the kind words... really missed the life in utp. busy like hell, but still got time for friends etc. and yes IRC at the time really help in the networking. If not, I would have never known this nolee.

hehe log hikayat gajah merah gajah hijau tu, still ada dlm komputer, ada terbaca gak bile bosan2, apa pun... the pleasure is really mine, knowing u :)