Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Some say this is me

You are always questioning and learning,
and you seem young and alive no matter what your chronological age,
for your mind is always alert, curious, flexible and open to new experiences.
You have a childlike enthusiasm for anything new and you learn easily,
but you also get bored rather quickly.
You can be something of a scatterbrain,
for you tend to have so many ideas and irons in the fire that it is hard to keep track of them all. You need and crave

Your Real Motivation
You are, in many ways, an eternal child.
Your mind is bright, alert, curious, flexible, playful, and always eager for new experiences
- and your attention span is often quite brief.
You grasp ideas quickly and once your initial curiosity has been satisfied,
you want to go on to something else.
You crave frequent change, variety, meeting new situations and people.
variety, change, mental stimulation, and an active social life.

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